Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Allan Cameron's 1775 Letter

The American Archives website featured a letter from Allan Cameron to Duncan Cameron (v4:342)

Intercepted Letter transmitted to Congress by General Washington, with his Letter dated December 18, 1775. ALLAN CAMERON TO DUNCAN CAMERON. On board the ship William, Norfolk Harbour, in Virginia, November 11, 1775.
"No doubt, sir, you would have heard of an unfortunate accident that had happened between one Mr. Cameron, of Mursirloch, and I, in the year ' 72, at which time I believe you was at Fort-William, in Lochaber."

"From the above circumstances, I dare to say you will, and justly, conclude that I am a son of Mr. Cameron, of Erracht."

Monday, December 17, 2018

Mrs. Fanny Cameron's Obituary

The Border Cities Star, (Windsor, Ontario) 19 December 1933:

Name Fanny Cameron
Event Type Death
Event Date 17 Dec 1933
Event Place Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, United States
Gender Female
Age 88
Marital Status Widowed
Birth Date 02 Aug 1845
Birthplace Puslinch, Ontario
Birth Year (Estimated) 1845
Father's Name James Mcintosh
Mother's Name Margaret Kennedy

Detroit Ward 12, Wayne, Michigan, United States
Duncan Cameron Head M 61 Scotland
Fanny Cameron Wife F 62 Canada
Wallace Cameron Son M 29 Canada

Hamilton (city/cité), Ontario, Canada
Fanny Cameron Wife F 53 Ontario
Marion Cameron Daughter F 23 Ontario
Wallace Cameron Son M 20 Ontario
E Margt Russell Daughter F 17 Ontario
E Fanny Russell Daughter F 9 Ontario

Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Dignity Of A Baronet


"The dignity of a Baronet of Great Britain and Ireland, granted to Ewen Cameron, of Fassifern and Callart, in the county of Argyll, and of Arthurstone, in the county of Angus, Esq. and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten."

Thursday, December 13, 2018

John Cameron, Vaughan Township

Exemplifications, Upper Canada, Province of Canada and Canada, 1853-1951 : C-3907:

John Cameron, Vaughan Township, Home District

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Two Duncan Cameron Entries

War of 1812: Board of Claims for Losses, 1813-1848, RG 19 E5A
Microform: t-1126 (Image 72)

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Christy (Cameron) Furling

Wayne County, Michigan
Probate File# 23512
Furling, John (Incompetent)

Furling, John S. 39 yrs old, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan (ca 1898)
Furling, Christy (wife - guardian) alias Lena Cameron, alias Nora (Nella) McDonald, Mt. Clemens
Furling, Vincent Anthony (Son) born 1900, 3 months old, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
", Joseph (Brother) - St. Louis, Missouri
", Mary (Sister) -              "    "
", Fannie (" )  Mechanicville, Saratoga Co., New York
Stowers, Walter H. (Guardian)
Admitted to St. Joseph's Retreat - Dearborn

Has Government Pension
Stated that Christy Furling was the mother of two children
Addresses Listed: 307 Theodore, Detroit; 17 (and/or 7 ) Labrosse, Detroit; 74 or 76 Abbot, Detroit

Mr. Williams, his guardian said ca 1911 Mr. Furling expects to go to Texas

John S. Furling
Event Type Marriage
Event Date 14 Feb 1896
Event Place Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
Age 38y
Birth Date 1858
Birthplace Louisiana
Father's Name Michael Furling
Mother's Name Maria L. Herman
Spouse's Name Christy Cameron
Spouse's Age 23y
Spouse's Birth Date 1873
Spouse's Birthplace Canada
Spouse's Father's Name D. Cameron
Spouse's Mother's Name Marin Campbell

Detroit Ward 4, Wayne, Michigan, United States
George Cameron Head M 34 Canada
Christy Furling Sister F 37 Canada
*Olive Cardinal Niece F 19 Canada
Lucile Cardinal Grand-uncle F 0 Canada

*Death Record at the Archives of Michigan

Christy (Cameron) Furling's Death Record at the Archives of Michigan.

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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Duncan Cameron, Macomb County Deed 34-796

Macomb County, Michigan
Recorded: 8 December 1858
Duncan Cameron, by Administratrix
Martin H. Bennett

State of Michigan, County of Macomb...Margaret Cameron, Administratrix...(date of probate 18 October 1858)...house in village of Ashley, Macomb, Michigan (Chesterfield township)...subject to dower of widow of the deceased....

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