Saturday, June 24, 2017

Influenced By Stuart And Cameron

From "The History of Georgia..."

Influenced by Stuart and [Alexander] Cameron the Creek and Cherokee Indians exhibited a threatening attitude.  For the patriots the present was dark indeed and the future fraught with apprehension...

Taking advantage of the unsettled condition of affairs and harkening to the advice and the bribes of royal agents the Cherokees in violation of established treaties began depredating upon the frontiers of Georgia and the Carolinas. To these lawless and bloody acts were they largely incited by Captain Stuart his majesty's superintendent of Indian affairs in the Southern Department and by Mr Cameron his assistant.

Excerpt From Exhibit At Horseshoe Bend National Park

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Robert Cameron In Lorain

Excertps from an unknown newspaper:

Robert Cameron
Lorain, Ohio
b. Canada
Civil War
Squires married daughter

Sunday, June 18, 2017

To Pursue The Clan Cameron With Fire And Sword

From the "History of the Macleods with genealogies of the principal families of the name":

Sir Roderick Macleod of Harris is with a number of others mentioned in a commission by James VI. dated the 18th of June, 1622, to pursue the Clan Cameron with fire and sword for refusing to render their obedience to the King, and for associating with " ane nomber of otheris theivis, traytouries, and lymmaries."

Friday, June 16, 2017

To A. Cameron

Land documents concerning Quebec, Upper and Lower Canada, Canada East and Canada West and Canada : C-3905

Home District - Schedule Of Grants

Image 339  2nd page went to A. Cameron
Name of Grantee: William Demont

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Cameron Highlander In Moore Township

Name: CAMERON, Hugh
Place: Moore
Year: 1838
Volume: 121
Bundle: C 21
Petition: 116
Microfilm: C-1730
Reference: RG 1 L3
Image 532, 79th Regiment, Western District in the East half  of Lot No. 15, 12th Concession in the Twp of Moore
Toronto, 1 Oct 1838
Image 534
Image 535, formerly a private in the 79th, or Cameron Highlanders, at present a resident at Amherstburg,

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Ann Cameron, Q-432

Upper Canada Land Books : C-10813

Ann Cameron 
Land Book Q

12 June 1834

Ann Cameron, of the Township of Charlottenburgh
Praying for a grant of 200 acres
Daughter of Archibald Cameron
An U. E. Loyalist

Friday, June 9, 2017

Daniel Cameron's Probate

Michigan Probate Records, 1797-1973  Ontonagon Probate index 1853-1914:

Place of Death: Livingston County, New York
Date: 9 June 1856

Petition of Angus Cameron, of Buffalo, New York
8 September 1856

Heir At Law: Duncan A. Cameron
Of Caledonia, Livingston County, New York

Daniel's brothers: Angus; Dugald; Hugh

Biography of Duncan A. Cameron, from the History of Livingston County, New York:

Duncan A. Cameron was born in Invernesshire, Scotland, on Christmas day, 1783. He was the third son of Angus and Catherine (McPherson) Cameron.

Duncan A. spent the early years of his life on his father's farm, and on the 23d of March, 1813, he was married to Sarah McColl, of Argyleshire, Scotland, by whom he had eleven children, as follows: Angus (died in infancy); Hugh, an attorney, in LaCrosse, Wis.; Duncan, a farmer, residing in Wisconsin; Mary and Catherine, residing on the old homestead; Margaret E. Wilson, residing in Caledonia; Daniel (dead); Angus, U. S. Senator from Wisconsin, residing at LaCrosse; Dugald (dead); Charles, a farmer, now living in York; and Alexander (dead).