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Elliott E. Cameron


United States World War II Army Enlistment Records
Event Type Military Service
Event Date 25 Jun 1941
Event Place Detroit, Michigan, United States
Race White
Citizenship Status citizen
Birth Year 1913
Birthplace MICHIGAN
Education Level Grammar school
Civilian Occupation Semiskilled Inspectors, scalers, and graders, logs and lumber
Marital Status Single, without dependents
Military Rank Private
Army Branch Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA
Army Component Selectees (Enlisted Men)
Source Reference Civil Life
Serial Number 36120583
Affiliate ARC Identifier 1263923
Box Film Number 10355.97

Wales, St Clair, Michigan, United States
John L Cameron Head M 62 Michigan
Isabelle Cameron Wife F 55 Michigan
Elliot E Cameron Son M 16 Michigan
Edith E Cameron Daughter F 16 Michigan

1920 Census, Wales, St Clair, Michigan, United States

Elliott E. Cameron's memorial at FindAGrave.

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Margaret Married Captain Donald Cameron Of Strone

The Celtic magazine, Volume 9 edited by Alexander Mackenzie, Alexander Macgregor, Alexander Macbain:

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John A. Cameron's Immigration Card

Port of Megantic, P.Q.
Cameron, John A., b. Lambton, P.Q.
" Martha (43)
Eva-Ann (10)
Philip (9)
Aron W. (7)
Julianna (5)

Brother Louis Cameron, Lambton, P.Q.
Destination: Waterville, ME (permanent)
Bro-in-law L. Tancredes Bonchard (Waterville)

This family?
Waterville Ward 7, Kennebec, Maine, United States
John Cameron Head M 59 Canada
Amanda Cameron Wife F 60 Canada
Philippe Cameron Son M 19 Canada
Henri Louis Cameron Son M 17 Canada
Julienne Cameron Daughter F 15 Canada
Alice Poulin Daughter F 27 Canada
Joseph Henry Simpson Son-in-law M 23 Maine
Yvonne Simpson Daughter F 21 Canada
Roland L Simpson Grandson M 0 Maine

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Archibald McMillan's List Of Subscribing Names

Archibald McMillan and family fonds (Page From List of Emigrants) : H-1099 (Image 51):

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Was Robert Ambrister Charles Cameron's Nephew?

Newsgroup (another message *here)

A relatively minor footnote in the history of 19th century Anglo-American relations involves the campaign led by Andrew Jackson into Florida in 1818. In the course of what is sometimes called the First Seminole War, two British subjects, Alexander Arbuthnot and Robert Christie Ambrister, were captured, subjected to a court martial at Jackson's direction, and executed in April 1818.

While Ambrister's ancestry is rarely mentioned, it has been stated that he had gone to the Bahamas seeking the assistance of his uncle, the Governor of New Providence (Bahamas), in furthering his military career. The governor at this time was Charles Cameron, a younger son of the banker Donald Cameron of Essex and his wife Mary Guy. If in fact the mother of Robert Ambrister was a full sister of Charles Cameron, the following would then be an accurate account of his descent from James IV, King of Scots.

1. James IV, King of Scots = Agnes Stewart [not married]
2. [illeg.] Lady Janet Stewart = Malcolm, 3rd Lord Fleming
3. Margaret Fleming = John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl
4. Jean Stewart = Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy (d. 1631)
5. Sir Robert Campbell of Glenorchy = Isabel MacKintosh
6. Margaret Campbell = John Cameron (dvp bef 1647)
7. Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel = NN MacLean
8. John Cameron of Lochiel (d. 1747/8) = Isabel Campbell
9. Archibald Cameron (exe. 1753) = Jean Cameron
10. Donald Cameron, younger son = Mary Guy
**11. NN Cameron = James Ambrister, Esq.
12. Robert Christie Ambrister

*I have seen no other reference to a sister, or half-sister, of Charles Cameron. Also, I have seen to date no information concerning Robert Ambrister's sibling(s).

Scholar Commons website (USF) addressed an Ambrister store in the Tampa area:

In several of the various books written about Florida since 1817, there are mentions of a store that was established by Robert Ambrister at Tampa Bay.

**Note from Cameron Collections blog author:  Have not found this marriage; at this point I have no proof that Ambrister was related to Charles Cameron

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Letter To Ewen Cameron Of Fassiefern

Scots Abroad
Emigration from Scotland: Emigrants' Correspondence

Year: 1813
Reference: Fassiefern Papers, Acc. 11910/32
Description: Letter of Norman MacLeod, Minister of Morven, to Ewen Cameron of Fassiefern with details from the parish register of the family of Captain Donald Cameron, now living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Jos. Cameron's War Of 1812 Claim

War of 1812: Board of Claims for Losses, 1813-1848, RG 19 E5A
Microform: t-1126 (Image 28)

No. 5
(No. 1605?)
Jos. Cameron
Cornwall Township
Eastern District
Amount Claimed: 184, 10, 6
Amount Allowed: 117?

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