Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Township of Chatham

Information from the Land Petitions of Lower Canada, 1764-1841, Township of Chatham

Quarterly Return
1st December 1826

# of Lot or 1/2 Lot (Lots of 200 acres)
Date of Ticket of Location
Families (Head thereof; Wife, Males, Females, Single Men)
Whether Emigrants from the United Kingdom or what other country
Character, how, and by whom, recommended 
Home (Barn or Stable)
Whether Occupied and by Whom
Road Info
Ticket Info

Duncan Cameron
March 15, 1819
1 1 3 2 _
Good Character
Malcolm McIntyre

Alex'r Cameron
March 15, 1819
Petitioned by the Governor

Donald Cameron

Allen Cameron
1 1 2 1 _
Good Character
Road partly made....
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Sunday, January 15, 2017

According To The Manuscript Of 1450

"History of the Camerons, with genealogies of the principal families of the name":

"This genealogy clearly refers to the 'Maclanfhaigh' or Macgillonie branch of the family, and it begins with Ewen, second son of Donald Dubh, who thus apears to be the progenitor of the Macgillonie or Camerons of Strone; while Allan, the eldest son, succeeded his father Donald, and carried on the Lochiel-Cameron line of succession...".

A modern look (see link for much more):

Conclusion -- Over these two articles I have presented four Cameron genealogies. Judging by
the first, they date from about 1450.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Cameron Loyalists

A few Cameron Loyalists from the list of loyalists:

Cameron Allan Eastern District UEL List Detail

Cameron Donald Proven Detail

Cameron Duncan (Glennevis) Esquire (Member for Glengarry) now residing at Williamstown in the said County of Glengarry Eastern District; Late a Partner of the North West Company UEL

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Elizabeth, Widow Of Captain Donald

War Office (British):

Reference: WO 42/59
Description: WO 42. A - C
Date: 1776-1881
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)

Hat tip to the Olive Tree blog

Allan Cameron And The Farm At Callart

Note: See Link For Placement On A Map

Plan Of The Farm At Callart, Kilmallie, Inverness-shire

The National Records of Scotland
Date  1773

Plan of vein of slate through the forfeited estate of Callart. Outcrop of limestone, Callart House and ferry house noted. Extension of vein at Ballachulish, Lismore and Appin parish, Argyll, shown.

Exchequer Records: Forfeited Estates Papers 1745: Particular Management: Allan Cameron of Callart, Callart Estate (E743)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Captain Donald Cameron's Petition

Land Petitions Of Lower Canada:

Ewen In Donald Cameron's Petition

Given Name(s): Donald
Surname: CAMERON
Year: 1811
Volume: 53
Page: 27252-27260
Microfilm Reel Number: C-2514
Reference: RG 1 L3L
Item Number: 13929

The Memorial and Petition of Donald Cameron
Captain, Canadian Regiment

That your memorialist was settled in the southern part of North America previous to and at the commencement of the trouble which ended in the separation of their Colonies from the Mother country.

[     ]

The he was a Captain in the late King's Rangers commanded by Lt. Col. Thomas Brown till the peace in 1783...

[    ]

...remaining thereafter in East Florida to settle the affairs of a deceased friend, Alexander Cameron...superintendent of Indian Affairs, who had appointed him executor of his last will and testament...

That having returned to Scotland in 1786, where he resided until he joined his (___) present regiment in Canada....

[   ]

...wife and each of his children, consisting of six sons and four daughters....

2nd April 1811

Sons  Ewen, aged 23 years; William, 19, John, 14, Aleander, 13, Allan, 8, Duncan, 6
Daughters  Margaret, aged 21 years, Ann, 18, Mary 15, Catherine, 7

Had not drawn any land except 200 acres for one of his sons, Allan, in Upper Canada (sworn to in March 1811)

Regarding which children live with him (all except Margaret, who was married to a Mr. Cameron, and Ewen, who was in the West Indies...)  Captain Cameron lives on a small farm (1811) in Argenteuil which he purchased.

Oath(s) sworn to by whom

Note: An 1847 petition from Captain Donald Cameron's children