Sunday, April 23, 2017

Grace Cameron's Custody

Dominion Law Reports

Grace Florence Cameron, possibly the child of Charles Cameron and Annie (Hannah) Richardson
Wallace Nesbitt Cameron, brother of Grace Florence Cameron

Mrs. Lang, possibly Ruth Ann Cameron, wife of Joseph Carrington Lang

Ruth Cameron and Charles Cameron in the Barrie, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, 1881 Census

Charles and Eliza Cameron, parents of Ruth and Charles, in the 1861 Census (Simcoe, Muskoka)

Above remarks reflect my speculation as to the identity of the subjects in the court case.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mederich Cameron

Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution ..., Volume 1 By Lorenzo Sabine:

CAMERON MEDERICH Of New York. His son Mederich, who was a Whig, fled from school, and joined the army as a drummer. The father followed the youth to camp, and succeeded in obtaining his release. At the peace, Mr. Cameron went to Shelburne, Nova Scotia. He owned three houses in the city of New York, two of which he demolished at leaving, and transported the bricks of which they were built to Shelburne, to serve in the construction of a new dwelling there. He died at Liverpool, Nova Scotia, during the war of 1812, at the age of ninety-eight. Two children survived him. The son above mentioned went to Nova Scotia with his father, but returned to New York.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Jane Louise Cameron

Los Angeles Herald, Number 146, 19 April 1916:

Married Ex-Convict, Dies Broken-Hearted
Syracuse, N. Y.. April 19.—Jane Louise Cameron, the 20-year-old girl who eloped from Auburn a year ago with an ex-convict, died in Detroit of a broken heart. She married a man just out of prison, confident that she could make him respected and honored, and all those who had known her well turned their backs on her. Cameron, who was 40, got work in Syracuse. They were ostracised there and at last former Warden Osborne of Sing Sing, the only friend of the ex-convict. sent the Camerons to Detroit. There the man got work, but his wife, still brooding over her family’s resentment, the friends who had sneered at her, wasted away quietly and died.

County Wayne
City/village/township Highland Park [32 Cottage Grove]
Last Name Cameron
Given Name Jane
Birth Year 1896 [29 March]
Age 20
Death Day 5
Death Month Apr
Death Year 1916
Father's Last Name McCarthy
[Informant: Robert Cameron]
[Place of Burial: Auburn, New York]

This one?
Census 1910Auburn Ward 3, Cayuga, New York
Agnes E Mccarthy Head F 36 New York
Jane L Mccarthy Daughter F 14 New York
Thresa Murphy Lodger F 15 New York

Name Robert Cameron
Census 1910
Event Place Auburn Ward 4, Cayuga, New York
Gender Male
Age 27
Marital Status Single
Race White
Relationship to Head of Household Prisoner
Birth Year (Estimated) 1883
Birthplace Michigan
Father's Birthplace Scotland
Mother's Birthplace Scotland

In the 1940 Census, Robert Cameron was Prisoner# 85598 in Sing Sing Prison, Ossining, Westchester County, New York.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

William Logan Cameron's Naturalization

From Naturalization records now online at FamilySearch:

Image 7 in index
Cameron, William Logan, 49

Image 60 [Documents]
Born 18 April 1878
Bayfield, Ontario, Canada

Monday, April 17, 2017

Gray Cameron

"Alexander Baer worked for the writer.  Baer was possibly engaged to a girl named Hathaway who then became interested in a man named Gray Cameron (from the Steuben County, New York, area).  In 1864 Baer and Cameron fought over her.  Baer disappeared and there were suspicions that Cameron had killed him (he had not).  Sometime later a body, thought to be Baer, was found in a lake and there demands to have Cameron arrested.  Cameron escaped and joined the Army (67th PA*) then died in Libby Prison.  Baer resurfaced and said that he thought that he had killed Cameron, so he traded coats with a (drunk) man named Perry (whose body was found in the lake).  After the fight Baer went to Pittsburgh, adopted an alias, and joined the Army.  After the war he went to California and other areas out west.  Miss Hathaway married in 1867 and died (last year -- 1884?).  After Baer went back and worked a day in the Pennsylvania mill, the scene of the fight with Cameron, he decided he preferred the west."

The only soldier named Cameron in the *67th PA Regiment found on this  National Park Service website:

Cameron , John
BATTLE UNIT NAME: 67th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry
SIDE:     Union
NOTES: none

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Camerons In The Hesse Minutes

Minutes and records of the Land Boards accumulated by the Executive Council Office:

Report, Lots, Names of Grantees, Date of Location

Daniel and John Cameron
(Page 603)
Two Connected Townships Lake Erie
District of Hesse
First Concession

Friday, April 14, 2017

Moving Through Canada

Lots of gaps left to fill.....

Allan Cameron of Finch and Ann McMillan of Lancaster were married 24 March 1808 (both were born in Scotland).

In 1852 they lived in Templeton, Quebec, Canada:


The family was living in Buckingham, Quebec, Canada, in 1861; in 1871 they were in L'Ange Gardien, Quebec.