Wednesday, October 1, 2014

George Hampden Cameron Hampden

George Hampden Cameron, of Hampden, co. Buckingham, esq. second son of Donald Cameron, of Lochiel, co. Inverness, esq. deceased, by Catherine Vere Louisa his wife, sister to George-Robert, Earl of Buckinghamshire, (in compliance with the will of his uncle the said Earl) to take the name of Hampden after Cameron, and bear the arms of Hampden quarterly in the first quarter with those of Cameron. [Source]


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jenny Cameron Of Glendessary

A brief account of the life and family of miss Jenny Cameron (by A. Arbuthnot, published in 1746):

Jenny, a descendant of the ancient house of Lochiel, "was the reputed mistress of the Pretender's eldest son." Or was she? Probably not.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Daughter Of Cameron Of Clunes

From Rootsweb:

[A story of] the first Bishop of Upper Canada, the Reverend Alexander (Maigstir Alastair) Macdonell, popularly known among his own folk as "Easbuig Mhor," the Big Bishop.
Alastair Mhor was a direct descendant of the Chief of Glengarry, Donald Macdonell; his father, Angus MacAileen Macdonell, was a well-known Scottish bard. He married the daughter Of Cameron of Clunes, whose youngest daughter, Margaret, was the mother of Colonel Duncan Cameron, C.B., 79th Foot Cameron Highlanders. Another daughter was the ancestress of Colonel Fraser.

The Macdonells were Roman Catholics, but the Camerons were Protestants. Angus MacAileen Macdonell had been twice married, his first wife being a daughter of Grant of Glen moriston, and her son, to whom the Bishop was much attached, became a Colonel in the army.  

Neither side would yield (on burying Mrs. MacDonell, nee Cameron), so her body, in its coffin was set, for a time, in the blowing heather at the side of the trail, while, in the accustomed way, men with swords were chosen to settle the argument. It was a test of skill, not of enmity since the clans were friendly, so the duellists fought with f1ats of their swords to guard against casualties. When the Macdonells won, they lifted the coffin to their shoulders and the Camerons quietly fell in line behind.

Upon one occasion, when Maigstir Alastair returned to Scotland, he met on Princess Street in Edinburgh, Sir Allan Cameron of Erracht, a boy with whom he had played in his youth and a cousin on his Mother's side of the family.  Sir Alan recognized him and, clapping him on the shoulder, almost shouted in his delight at seeing him, "And is it yourself, Alastair Mhor? I thought the devil had you long ago!"  Immediately, Alastair got back at him with, "Och, no, Alan of Erracht; he has no room for me, what with Hell being already filled with my mother's relations."

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bring All My Papers

Highland Papers, Volume III (also here at Electric Scotland):

[Probably written by John Cameron of Fassifern]

In the end of harvest and beginning of Winter 1751 Colonel Crawford, who commanded then at Fort William, sent Captain Johns and Mar. Gardiner to my house with orders to bring all my papers to Fort William and me prisoner there....not only mine buy every paper they found in my wife's drawers and in my Cousin Peggy Cameron's drawers.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Samuel Vaughen, Father of Mrs. Wilfred Cameron

Taken from an unknown newspaper article:

Samuel Vaughen, was born in Marietta, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, worked National Tube Co., and was responsible for many inventions.  The furnaces in use are due to his genius.

Excerpts from Mr. Vaughen's biography taken from the USGenWeb Archives (also here):

SAMUEL W. VAUGHEN, superintendent of the blast furnace department of the Cambria Iron company, at Johnstown, Pennsylvania, is a son of Jeremiah and Elizabeth J. (Beatty) Vaughen, and was born...September 16, 1851. His father is a native of eastern Pennsylvania, and came to Johnstown in the year 1853. He remained there for a short time, then removed to the State of Ohio, where he remained about one year, then returned to Johnstown, and still resides there. He has been employed for many years as an engineer in charge of stationary engines at the Cambria Iron company's blast furnaces.

Samuel Vaughen, then grandfather of our subject, was of English descent, and a native of Lebanon county, Pennsylvania. He died in Johnstown in 1868, aged sixty-six years. The mother of our subject, Mrs. Elizabeth J. (Beatty) Vaughen, is a native of Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, where she was born in 1833. Her father, William Beatty, was a native of Scotland, who emigrated to America when quite young. 

In 1873, Mr. Vaughen was married to Miss Elizabeth H. Seese, daughter of John Seese, of Johnstown. This union was blessed by the birth of four sons and four daughters; one of these Elizabeth J., died at the age of three years. The others are: Carrie B., Anna G., Jerry, John W., Lillie B., Samuel, and Robert.

The Samuel Vaughen family was enumerated twice in 1900; once in Ohio and once in Pennsylvania:

United States Census, 1900
Black River Township Lorain City Ward 5, Lorain, Ohio, United States
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head Samuel W Vaughen M 49 Pennsylvania
Wife Elizabeth H Vaughen F 48 Pennsylvania
Daughter Carrie B Vaughen F 25 Pennsylvania
Son John W Vaughen M 22 Pennsylvania
Daughter Lillian Vaughen F 18 Pennsylvania
Son Samuel W Vaughen M 16 Pennsylvania
Son Robert Vaughen M 6 Pennsylvania

United States Census, 1900
Johnstown city Ward 21, Cambria, Pennsylvania, United States
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head Sam Vaughen M 49 Pennsylvania
Wife Elizabeth H Vaughen F 48 Pennsylvania
Daughter Carrie B Vaughen F 28 Pennsylvania
Daughter Gertrude A Vaughen F 24 Pennsylvania
Son Jerry Vaughen M 26 Pennsylvania
Son John Wm. Vaughen M 20 Pennsylvania
Daughter Lillian Vaughen F 18 Pennsylvania
Son Sanil W Vaughen M 16 Pennsylvania
Son Robert A Vaughen M 5 Pennsylvania

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bridget Cameron In 1861

Census Year: 1861
Surname: Cammeron [sic]
Given Name(s): Bridget
Age: 49
Province: Canada West (Ontario)
District Name: Lambton
Sub-District Name: Sombra

Bridget Cameron, b. Ireland, age 49, single [Widowed]
Ellen Cameron, b. LC, age 26, married
Mary Cameron, b. UC, age 16, single
Malcolm Cameron, b. UC, age 14, single
Sarah Cameron, b. UC, age 11, single
Joanna Cameron, b. UC, age 7, single
Isabella Cameron, b. UC, age 6, single
Dan'l Cameron, b. UC, age 2, single

Log house; 1 1/2 stories, housing 1 family

2 Males; 6 Females