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Mary Cameron Land Book I

Upper Canada Land Books : C-103
Land Book I

Mary Cameron
I-317 [Image 95]
Petitions of Sons and Daughters of UEL

Monday, August 3, 2020

Dear Cousin Letter In Fonds

Archibald McMillan and family fonds : H-1099 (Image 251):

3 August

My Dear Cousin,

I wrote you some time ago on a subject which I was sure would afford you pleasure -- At this time I am sorry to have to mention something of a different nature -- I mean the conduct of Donald which you would have heard before now by his Brother John with whom I intended to write to you had he not left this unknown to me.

John wished to take little Sandy along with him, but the boy himself was averse to it until his month was out in school till he heard from you which I thought was proper and if you desire it I shall be on the look out as much as possible in order to get him a situation here or in Quebec as I have conceived a very good opinion of him  Indeed I would have taken him into my own house when Donald went away but that it would be confirming Donald's Creditors in an opinion which they wished and tried to establish or that I was connected with him in business -- This idea probably Donald wished to convey to them with a __ to get credit but luckily for me I kept clear of him.  Indeed I was always afraid he was doing no good, but I never imagined his affairs would turn out quite as bad as they did--

I have no news to communicate to you--I have not heard this year from the highlands----With the best respects to you and Mrs. McMillan and your brother and family, believe me

My dear cousin,

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Donald, Probable Father Of John Cameron, The Wise

1001 name index of descendants of John Cameron 'The Wise' (Source - Books at

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Duncan Kippen Cameron (Senior And Junior)

Survey of Lochtayside

Survey of Lochtayside [Page 187]

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Donald Cameron, Loyalist Son

Upper Canada Land Books (C-107):

C. 14 Donald Cameron complete his grant of 300 acres as the son of an U.E. Loyalist

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