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Marion Schantz Of Charlevoix - Car Accident Victim

Marian L. Cameron (Mrs. Paul Schantz) was the daughter of Donald & Anna (Cameron) Cameron. She was born in Sterling, Arenac Co., Michigan on June 9, 1898, and died in Charlevoix, Michigan, as a result of a car accident in 1957.

Paul Schantz was boarding with the Donald Cameron family in Flint, Genesee Co., Michigan, prior to his August 1920 marriage to Marian.

1920 MI Census - Genesee Co., Flint, Warren Avenue

Cameron, Donald, head, m/w, 69, M 1878 NA 1896, a laborer in the auto factory
, Anna, wife, F/W, 51?, M 1874 NA, 1896
, Marion, daughter, F/W, 21, S, Bench Worker, Spark Plug Fac.
, Beatrice, Daughter, F/W, 19, S, Egg handler, Dairy
, Flora A., Daughter, F/W, 13, S
, Donald, Jr., Son, M/W, 8, S

Also living with Anna and Donald Cameron in Flint in the 1920 Census were:
Schantz, Paul, Boarder, M/W, 31, S, Machinist, AutoFactory
Zimmerman, Wesley, Boarder, M/W, 25, S, " "
" , Clyde, Boarder, M/W, 20, S, Machinist, Auto Factory
White, Lillian, Boarder, F/W, 28, S, Floor, Spark Plug Factory
" , Thelma, Boarder, F/W, 21, S, Machinist, Spark Plug "
Marius, A., Lodger, M/w, 25, S, Waiter, Restaurant

Paul and Marian Schantz were still living in Genesee County, Michigan, in 1930:

1930 MI Genesee Co., Mt. Morris
SCHANTS, Paul L., head, age 34, married at age 25
" , Marian L., wife, age 32, married at age 22
" , Lois A., daughter, age 8
" , Isabell N., daughter, age 6
" , Audra J., daughter, age 4
" , Shirley J., daughter, age 1 4/12
The first article, dated 18 February 1957, noted that Mrs. Paul Schantz, age 58, died as a result of injuries from an automobile accident the previous day. [Traverse City Record Eagle]

The second article, Thursday, 21 February 1957, in the Traverse City Record Eagle detailed the funeral services for Mrs. Paul Schantz in Charlevoix.

Also involved in the fatal car accident were Paul Schantz, the driver of the car in which his wife, Marian Schantz died, as well as Mrs. Bertha Jensen, a passenger in the Schantz car. The other car's passengers included Mr. & Mrs. Charles Robinson, Gordon Robinson and Mrs. Mary Hunt.

Marian Schantz was buried in Brookside Cemetery per the obituary above; however has a picture of Marian Schantz's gravestone at Norwood Lakeside Cemetery in Charlevoix County (Paul Schantz's gravestone is at Norwood Lakeside Cemetery as well).

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