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Camerons of Walworth Co., Wisconsin

From my notes taken in 2001 for Walworth Co., Wisconsin, probate files housed at Whitewater, WI (this is NOT my Duncan Cameron, nor am I related to any of these Camerons - my Richmonds lived in Walworth Co.):

Probate File #4290
Duncan Cameron, Town of Troy
Died: 18 May 1902
Will dated 8 November 1899
Chicago, IL
Cameron, Susan L., widow
Cameron, James A. son
Cameron, John D*., son Center Ave & 120th St, Chicago, IL
Reeves, Mrs. Mary**, daughter, of Eagle, Wisconsin

*This is a photo of John D. Cameron's gravestone (files of Little Prairie, Walworth Co., WI).

J. Duncan Cameron, John's son, who was also buried at Little Prairie (d. 1922), attended the University of Michigan. He married Frances Kinzel; the Michigan marriage record verified that he was the son of John D. & Nellie (Galloway) Cameron.

**Mary Cameron m. Charles Reeves on 15 Apr 1891 in Waukesha, WI

In the 1900 IL Census, John D. Cameron (b. Sept 1866 in NY), Nellie Cameron (b. June 1872 in Kansas) and John D. Cameron, Jr. (b. Jan 1898) were living in Chicago. The Camerons had been married 7 years. John D. Cameron was a clerk in a Plow Manufacturing Company (per the gravestone John D. Cameron worked for the International Harvester Co.).

In 1930 John D. Cameron (buyer of farm equipment) was divorced and living with his brother and sister-in-law, James A. & Laura Cameron, in Chicago, Illinois. There was a Nellie Cameron, born in Kansas, and living in Chicago in the 1930 census who was listed as "widowed."

Chicago Tribune (IL) - September 23, 1946 (online)
--John D. Cameron, Sept. 21, 1946, of 1324 E. 72d place, beloved uncle of Howard D. Reeves and Harry Cameron. Services at chapel, 6328 Cottage Grove avenue, Monday, 7:30 p.m., under auspices of Woodlawn commander, No. 76 K. T. Interment Little Prairie , Wis., Tuesday.

John D. Cameron's sister (listed in the probate info above) was Mary Reeves and the John D. Cameron buried at Little Prairie had a nephew, Howard D. Reeves.

Even though these people are not "my" Camerons, there was a bonus Michigan connection to their story.


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