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Miscellaneous Camerons In Canadian Border Crossings - Hat Tip To The Olive Tree Genealogy Blog

The tip from the Olive Tree Genealogy Blog Form 30 Border Crossings, 1919-1924, At Library & Archives of Canada, was very helpful. I followed the directions and looked for "Cameron" in the Microform Digitization here. To find what the files held for the "CAMERON" surname, I needed the "T-15264" file online and there were 5,000 cards in that file. The cards are in alphabetical order, but unindexed. An index at was mentioned at the Olive Tree, but I don't have paid access.

Number 1316 indicated the start of the Cameron surname. It was an index card with no personal information included. #1317 was the first "Cameron" card with any real information.

Below is some of the information I've extracted this morning:

Looks Like Reverse Side of A Card
Signature: Al (or Alex) Cameron
18 March 1924
Dan and Alex Cameron - Twins

#1318 Cameron, Alex, 28, Farmer
Residence: Somerville, Mass
Birthplace: Ft. Tupper, N.S.
Destined To Father
Duncan Cameron, Ft. Tupper, N.S.
Left Canada: Niagara Falls, 10 Nov 1922, to work

#1320 Cameron, Alex C., Age 26, Married
Last Permanent Residence: Berridge, Minn
b. Minn Occupation: Compass man
RR Ticket: International Falls, MN To Fort Francis, Ontario
Destined To: Atikokans, Ontario
Father: Angus Cameron
56 Fremont/Livernois/? Street, Detroit
Wife Will Register Later
#1319 - With #1320?

#1322 Alex D. Cameron, 35, mechanic
b. Cleveland, Ohio
To reside for summer Windsor? riverfront

#1323 Child w/parents Nettie & Marshall
#1324 Cameron, Alvin child
Last Permanent Address: Abercrombie, ND
Born: ND
Barney (father?)
w/parents to LeDuc, Alta

#1325 Signed Angus Cameron, Sept. 10, 1919
#1326 Angus Cameron, 37, woodsman
b. Bay City, Michigan, 18 Apr 1882
Last Permanent Address: Glenfield, N. Dak.
Has lived in Canada: Feonie?, BC
Address: Dorr, B.C.

#1327: Signature: Anna Cameron, Aug 6, 1919
#1328: Anna Cameron, Nurse
b. Scotland
LPA: Morris Plains, NJ
Ever Lived In Canada: Yes - Montreal
Destined: Aunt, Mrs. William Thompson, Vancouver, BC
RR: NY to Victoria

#1329: Anne Sanford? Cameron - husband Canadian born
#1330 Mrs. Anne Cameron, Age 30, Married
Last Permanent Address: New York City
Born: Knoxville, TN
Object To Come To Canada: Join Husband
Destined: Toronto - husband
Dr. George M. Cameron, 2 Beaumont Road
Railroad Ticket
On Next (reverse side) Card: John Cameron, Father, New Haven, PEI
Signed: Anne Cameron

#1332: Cameron, Annie, Cambridge, Mass, Age 25
Occup: Rubber Factory
Birthplace: New Haven, PEI
Destined: Father, John Cameron, New Haven, PEI

#1333- Annie Cameron w/daughter Mary
#1334: Mrs. Annie Cameron, age 57
Address: Boston, Mass
Birthplace: Stewiscke?, NS
Why Left Canada: On Visit
Destined: Own Home, Stewiscke?, NS

#1336: Annie Cameron, 25, single
347 West 122nd Street, NY, NY
BP: Sydney, NS, Canada
Father: A.J. Cameron, Sydney, NS

#1337: Child w/Mother
Father: Geo B. Cameron, Whitetail, Montana
#1338: Archie Cameron, age 6, Whitetail, Montana, b. US
Destination: Uncle, E.S. Elves, Cayley, Alberta

#1339: Aunt, Mrs. Geo. H. Caswell
7947? Colorado St., Mattafan?, Mass
Beatrice E. Cameron
Accompanying husband James and daughter Jennie
#1340: Mrs. Beatrice Cameron
Lowell, Mass
b. Boston, Mass
Destined: Husband James S? Cameron, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

#1341: Signed: Carl Frank Cameron
Father: William Joseph Cameron
Ethel, 28, wife, b. MI
Clydane?, 6, daughter, b. Kansas
#1342: Carl Frank Cameron
Niles, Michigan
b. Genesee? Idaho
Wife: Ethel Rhoda ___
Ever Lived In Canada: Yes, Toronto
Destined To: Grand Prairie, Alberta
Locate on Land

#1344 Catherine Cameron, Age 56
Port: McAdam, N.B., 6 Nov 1919
Birthplace: Antigonish, N.S.
Last Permanent Address: Salem, MA
Brother's Home
One Son: Stewart McKay

#1346 Mrs. Catherine Cameron
Lowell, Mass
BP: St Mary's, Pictou, NS
Destined: Brother's Home
Thomas Breen/Breon
St. Mary's, Pictou, NS

#1347: Signature: Catherine Cameron
Mrs. Mae Phillips, (Sister) Detroit
Mary Cameron, 35, b. Toronto, daughter
#1348: Mrs. Catherine Cameron
1183 15th Street, Detroit
b. Scotland
Canadian Citizenship
Destined: To reside with husband
David Cameron, 47 Savoy St. Toronto

#1350 Cecil Cameron
b. Jamacia
Landed in New York, 1906
Last Permanent address: Pittsburgh, PA
Port of Windsor -4 June 1919 - destined for London, Ontario, Looking For Work

#1351: Signed Chester Cameron
Louis Cameron, Father
#1352: Chester Cameron
Address: Brainard, MN
b. Seward, Neb, USA
Destined: International Paper Co., Kenora, Ontario

#1354 Christina Cameron, age 44, Nurse
B. New Brunswick
Address: 50 W. 110 Street, NY, NY
Destined: Mother, Mrs. Cameron, Bainstown?, NB

#1355 Signed: Christena Cameron
Archibald Cameron, Inverness, NS
#1356: Christena Cameron, Age 19
Address: 305 California, Ave. San Francisco, California
BP: Margree Harbour, NS
Why left Canada: To go to school
Destined: To Father
Archibald Cameron, Inverness, NS

#1357 Signed: Claire Cameron
Brother: Edward Hoxie, Grant Smith Co., Henry Bldg., Seattle, Wash.
Frances Gameril, 15, daughter
D.W., 37, husband

#1358: Clair L. Cameron
Address: Liberty Ct. Appts, Seattle?, WA
b. Toledo, Ohio
To Join Husband: Donald W. Cameron
Kirkland Lake, Ontario
Has lived in Alice Arms, BC

#1360 Claud M. Cameron

#1362: Cleophas Cameron, 21

#1363: Parents Carl Frank (age 33) & Ethel Rhoda Cameron (28)
#1364: Clydene Cameron
Niles, MI
b. Columbus, Kansas
Grand Prairie, Alberta

John Cameron
b. Scotland
Entered: Halifax in 1911
Left Windsor, Ontario in Feb 1920
Parents: Mr. & Mrs. John Cameron of Hespela, Ontario
Address: Santa Cruz, California

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