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Family of Phileas A. Cameron

The Ottawa Citizen, 4 Feb 1927, published an obituary of Phileas A. Cameron, a musician who was well known in the capital city. Mr. Cameron was born in Quebec City ca 1866 and died in Montreal, Quebec. He was a son of Noah Cameron and a descendant of an officer who came to Quebec with General Wolfe.

Phileas Cameron was survived by 3 sons, Archibald N. & Ronald R. of Montreal and Gerald G. of Detroit; 4 daughters, Mrs. William Edgar Lewis of Washington, D.C., Mrs. L. R. Fournier (sp?), of Detroit, and the Misses Gwendolyn and Dorothy at home with the widow.

1911 Census of Canada
Ontario / Ottawa / 41 St. Georges ward / page 15

Cameron Phileas M Head M Aug 867 43
Cameron May F Wife M Jul 1870 40
Cameron Carmella F Daughter S Mar 1891 20
Cameron Evangeline F Daughter S Nov 1892 18
Cameron Ronald M Son S Sep 1894 16
Cameron Jerald M Son S Jun 1902 8
Cameron Gwyndelin F Daughter S Aug 1903 7
Cameron Dorothee F Daughter S Mar 1909 2
Cameron Solanges F Daughter S Feb 1896 15

Caméron Philéas M Head M Aug 22 1868 32
Caméron Marie Anne F Wife M Sep 13 1870 30
Caméron Archie M Son S Jul 22 1889 11
Caméron Carmela F Daughter S Mar 2 1891 10
Caméron Evangeline F Daughter S Nov 14 1892 8
Caméron Ronald M Son S Sep 4 1894 6
Caméron Solange F Daughter S Feb 12 1896 5
Casault Ernestine F Domestic S Oct 1881 19
Source Information:1901 Census of Canada
Subdistrict: Ottawa (Ward/Quartier), OTTAWA (City/Cité), ONTARIO

1881 Census Quebec, Quebec, Montcalm Ward
Noe CAMERON M Male Irish 43 Q Printer Catholic
Martine CAMERON M Female Irish 39 Q Catholic
Noe CAMERON Male Irish 20 Q Printer Catholic
Martine CAMERON Female Irish 18 Q Catholic
Philias CAMERON Male Irish 14 Q App Printer Catholic

A random Cameron family with a Michigan connection -- it was a twofer.

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I had a nice time here --- checking out Phileas --and then The Ottawa Citizen. I do love old newspapers. Thanks for the reading --- well worth the price of2 cents!