Thursday, April 8, 2010

Obituary of Archie Johnston

Archie Johnston was the son of John & Anna (Cameron) Johnston and the step-son of Donald Cameron.

[This obituary and other items were sent to me by an unrelated person who lived in the area]

Greencourt said Farewell to its oldest citizen Archie Johnston May 25th. The funeral was held in Edmonton, from the Park Memorial Chapel to Westlawn Cemetery, where he was laid to rest beside his wife Grace, who predeceased him in 1967.

Archie, as everyone called him, was a pioneer homesteader in this area, arriving in 1919 after being discharged from the Canadian Army, having served four years in the trenches without injury.

He decided not to return to his old home in Michigan, so with Grace, his bride he settled on his land near Greencourt.

He farmed until 1950 when he retired to live in Greencourt. Over the next 20 years his eyesight gradually failed and he became totally blind, but he faced his disability with such courage and cheerfulness that he won the admiration of all who knew him.

Since the death of his wife, Archie batched it every summer by himself in his home, with his faithful dog company. All his friends marveled at his ability to look after himself. He always recognized his friends by their voices which he never confused or forgot.

Last August, on his 90th birthday, Archie's relatives and friends held an At Home for him during which he enjoyed visits from all his friends. He passed his last days at Mayerthorpe Hospital, where his friends visited him for the last time, and he knew them by their voices until the last.

He is survived by his only daughter, Betty, Mrs. Mervyn Goeson, of Edmondton. His son, Edward, was lost in World War II while on an aerial mission over Germany. There are two grandchildren (living) and four great-grandchildren (living).

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