Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who Was John Cameron?

Michigan death records are online (1867 - 1897), but I cannot find a death record for John Cameron, whose death was chronicled in the news:

Roscommon County, MI, newspaper:
5 Aug 1887
John Cameron, nephew of Duncan Cameron, died at Houghton Lake on Sunday morning last from consumption.

My 2nd great-grandfather, Duncan Cameron, lived in Roscommon County, so was John his nephew?

In 1878 there was another Duncan Cameron in the county, per this birth record (parents were Duncan & Jane Cameron). Could she be an unknown child of my 2nd great-grandparents, Duncan and ELLEN Cameron? Probably not, but not out of the question. "My" Duncan Cameron was the only one in Roscommon Co., MI, in the 1880 census. There was a Duncan & Jane (Waishkey) Cameron who lived in Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa Co., Michigan -- were they in Roscommon County in 1878?

Roscommon County, Michigan, was sparsely populated (1,459 in 1883), and many who lived there were lumbermen in the 1880's. In a 1911 handbook, Roscommon was described as "....hard to get to." In the 1880 census there was a John Cameron, b. 1854 in Canada, who was living in a lumber camp in the county and enumerated as "other" with several other lumbermen.

Richard & Nancy (Cameron) Cameron had a son named John (a possible nephew of Duncan Cameron's), but he was still alive in 1897, living in British Columbia, and listed as an heir in his father's estate.

Who was John Cameron who died in Roscommon County, Michigan? It's still a mystery.

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