Thursday, August 5, 2010

William H. Taft & the Cameron Case

From the Law Bulletin: Cameron Adm'x v. Heister and Heister

Superior Court of Cincinnati, General Term, November 1889

Anna Cameron, Adm'x v. John Heister and Michael Heister

The plaintiff sought to recover damages for the death of her husband, Robert Cameron, at their dwelling at Court and Linn Streets in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mr. Cameron died as a result of injuries he received after being struck by a rocket discharged on the pavement in front of the Heister residence by Michael Heister, a minor.

John Heister (a widower) kept a saloon and residence at the southeast corner of Court and Linn Streets. His family included a daughter, age 15, defendant Michael, age 18, and son William who was employed away from home during the day and helped his father in the saloon at night.

John Heister was dismissed from the action; however the Superior Court ruled that the judgment of non-suit as to John Heister is reversed and cause remanded.

Taft* and Moore, JJ, concur
William H. Pope for Plaintiff
J. J. Glidden and A. C. Grube for Defendants

*William Howard Taft was a Cincinnati Judge before he was President and a Supreme Court Justice

In 1900 John, Michael and Adelaide Heister were living in Bellevue, Campbell Co., Kentucky. John was a saloonkeeper and Michael (who was born in Ohio) was an architect. I believe (although I do not know for sure) that this is the same family involved in the court case.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to further identify the Camerons in the court case.

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