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Decendants of Alexander Cameron - Julie Anne Cameron - Part Seven

 See Descendants of Alexander Cameron - Part One - here.

Julia Cameron was the daughter of Alexander and Louisa (Flint) Cameron:

i. JULIE ANNE CAMERON was born on 19 Dec 1853, in Dundee, Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada.

The Alexander Cameron family was in Oakland County, Michigan, when the 1860 census was taken (via

Was Julia, daughter of Alexander Cameron, the Julia Cameron who married Charles E. Taylor in Lapeer County, Michigan, on 22 July 1871?  I believe so.
 Charles and Julia (Cameron) Taylor were living in Jackson County, Michigan, when their son, James Ellis Taylor, was born, on May 23, 1873:

Michigan Births, 1867-1902
Name:     James E Taylor
Birth Date:     23 May 1873
Birthplace:     Grass Lake, Jackson, Michigan

Father's Name:     Charles E Taylor

Mother's Name:     Julia Taylor

Charles and Julia Taylor were in Hennepin County, Minnesota, in 1880.  Living with them was Christia Cameron:

United States Census, 1880
Residence:     Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota
Spouse     Charles E Taylor     M     31
      Julia Taylor     F     25
Child     Rosalin E. Taylor     F     7
Child     James Ellis     M     6
    Christia Cameron     F     21

 Liz, a great-niece of Julia's thought that she was married to Edward Schubert.  I did not find a marriage between Julia Cameron and Edward Schubert but did find a Julia Taylor who married Edward Schubert in Minnesota.

 Minnesota Marriages, 1849-1950        
Groom's Name:     Edward J. Schubert
Groom's Birthplace:     Of Hennepin, Minnesota
Bride's Name:     Julia A. Taylor
Bride's Birthplace:     Of Hennepin, Minnesota
Marriage Date:     16 Nov 1893
Marriage Place:     Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota

United States Census, 1900
Residence:     Minneapolis city, Hennepin, Minnesota
Estimated Marriage Year:     1894
      Ed J Schubert     M   
Spouse     Julia U Schubert     F   
Child     Geo E Schubert     M   
    A W Roemieke     M
 [Julia had 3 living children in 1900)

United States Census, 1910
Residence:  Stockbridge, Ingham, Michigan
Eduard J Schubert  M  43y
Spouse  Julia A Schubert  F  45y
Child  George E Schubert  M  10y

United States Census, 1920
Residence:     , Ingham, Michigan
      E J Schubert     M     53y
Spouse     Jula A Schubert     F     58y
Child     George E Schubert     M     21y
Spouse     Marguarette Schubert     F     25y
Child     Richard L Schubert     M     4m

Edward & Julia (Cameron) Schubert were living in Stockbridge Twp., Ingham Co., Michigan, in 1930.  Their son George was living in Jackson Co., Michigan, in 1930

George, son of Edward and Julia Schubert, was married in Ingham County, Michigan:

Michigan Marriages, 1868-1925
Groom's Name:     George E. Schubert
Groom's Birth Date:     1899
Groom's Birthplace:     Minneapolis, Michigan
Bride's Name:     Marguerite Cavender
Bride's Birth Date:     1895
Bride's Birthplace:     Stockbridge, Michigan
Marriage Date:     18 Jun 1918
Marriage Place:     Bunker Hill, Ingham, Michigan
Groom's Father:     Edward J. Schubert
Groom's Mother:     Julia Cameron
Bride's Father:     Felix Cavender
Bride's Mother:     Teressa Quinn

Perhaps James Ellis Taylor, Charles & Julia (Cameron) Taylor's son, was living in Mankato, Blue Earth, Minnesota, in 1900.  I didn't find any additional information about James Ellis Taylor or his sister, Rosilyn (except that Julia stated she had 3 living children when the 1900 census was taken).


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