Sunday, June 19, 2011

Looking For Ewen But Found Malcolm Cameron

I was looking for a clue to my Ewen Cameron/Bridget Higgins family in Land records of Kent County, ca. 1789-1954, index, ca. 1797-1957 group, specifically in this microfilm: Chatham Gore (formerly part of Dawn Twp., Lambton Co.) v. A (8383-11709, 1-156, indexed) 1847 - 1854, FHL Film # 161583.  Ewen and Bridget (Higgins) Cameron were living in Chatham Gore when the 1851 Canadian Census was taken, so I used this film as a starting point.  Perhaps looking in an earlier Lambton County deed index would be another research possibility.

An item found in the above-described film:

Kent Co. [Ontario] Canada
Dawn Twp.

 First from the index (The first part of the material on the film was definitely indexed, but there was a break and then "Dawn Twp. Book A" which may or may not have been included in the index):
Grantor/Grantee   Folio
Hawkins, John & wife / Cameron, Malcolm / 26 & 27

Folio 26
Entered On 24 March 1848
A memorial to be registered.....made at Ashfield, Huron County, Province of Canada, 19 August 1844, by and between John Hawkins of Ashfield in the County of Huron in District of ____, Province of Canada, Gentleman and Elizabeth Hawkins....(Continued on Folio 27) wife of said John Hawkins and Malcolm Cameron of Port Sarnia in the County of Kent and Western District, merchant, of the other part, 250 pounds of lawful money, Twp of Dawn, County of Kent, in Western District, in said Prov.
400 acres more or less
Lots 12 and 13 in the 11th Concession, Twp. of Dawn
Witnesses: Thomas Hawkins and George Hawkins, both of Ashfield, Gentlemen

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