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Camerons In Saint Louis, MO, Probate Files Online

 Camerons can be found in the Saint Louis, Missouri, Probate files using the SEARCH function.

Saint Louis City Cameron, Alexander 17830 1890 C 38391
Saint Louis Cameron, Chas 10231 1872 C 34010
Saint Louis City Cameron, James 21176 1895 C 39625
Saint Louis Cameron, John A 00213 1816 C 27454
Saint Louis City Cameron, John G. 13872 1881 C 36257
Saint Louis Cameron, Murdock 00114 1813 C 27453

There are some xcerpts from the estate of Charles Cameron below:

Probate Court Saint Louis Cameron, Chas 10231 1872 C 34010

The documents are in a collection in groups of 5.  Collection #13 named the heirs To Charles Cameron's estate.

A document dated 1 July 1876:

1.  Elizabeth Cameron, mother of deceased
2.  Margaret Taylor, sister of deceased
     Richard Taylor, her husband
3.  Elizabeth Malloch, sister of deceased
     Peter Malloch, her husband
4.  Christina Drummond, sister of deceased
     James Drummond, her husband

A document dated 15 June 1876:
...Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of Perth....appeared Charles Graham Sidery?, Esq., an ex Lord Provost of the City of Perth...personally acquainted with the family of the late Charles Cameron, road contractor in Perth, Mrs. Elizabeth MacPherson or Cameron, described as a party granter of the Deed of Power of Attorney is his widow.  ...deceased Charles Cameron formerly of Perth and afterwards of Saint Louis, Missouri in the United States of American was their son. .......

There was an affidavit from William Cameron, builder in Perth, who stated that the late Charles Cameron, road contractor, was his uncle and that his uncle's son Charles Cameron, went to Saint Louis.

Another document indicated that Mrs. Elizabeth...[truncated document] of Perth, Perthshire, Scotland, of 48 Athole Street, as well as her daughters, were in favor of Alfred C. Bagshawe [power of attorney?].

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