Sunday, October 23, 2011

Camerons In the "Lyon" Index

From Index To Genealogies, Birthbriefs, the Lyon Office:

"The various Records, whose contents are indexed in the list now 
printed, may be divided into three divisions — Genealogies, Birthbriefs and 
Funeral Escutcheons. The first consists of the Official Register of all 
Genealogies and Birthbriefs in Scotland, which commences on 3rd Decem- 
ber 1727. Volume I. ends on 15th January 1796 and Volume III. begins 
i6th August 1827 and is continued to date. Volume II. is not now in 
existence, if indeed it ever existed at all. It is not mentioned in an 
inventory of the Lyon Office Records in 18 19, but several pedigrees, 
which were intended to be recorded in it, are still preserved in draft in 
what is called the "Arboretum" or "collection of trees." The names of 
those as well as others, not now in the Lyon Office though the fees for 
recording them are entered in the cash book, have been added to the list. 
These volumes are referred to as G. I., II."

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