Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Camerons In Buckingham, Quebec, Canada In 1861

The 1861 Canadian Census, (Canadian Nationall Archives Film Reel #C-1303), viewed at the Library of Michigan, had my Camerons enumerated:

PG #105 [County of Ottawa]
1861 Canadian Census - Buckingham, Quebec  - District 2, comprising the 1st  7th inc?

CAMERON, Allan, b. Scotland, SC (religion), 77, Married
    , Nancy, b. Scotland, SC, 73, Married
    , Flora, b. Upper Canada, SC, 39, Married ("Married" is an error)
    , Richard, Upper Canada, 42, Married
    , Ann, b. Upper Canada, 37 (AKA Nancy, wife of Richard; dau of Allan & Nancy)
    , Jane, b. Lower Canada, SC, 12, Single
    , Donald, b. Upper Canada, SC, 11, single
    , Mary A., b. Upper Canada, 9, single
    , John A., b. Lower Canada, 7, single
    , Colin, b. Lower Canada, 5, single
    , Jessie, b. Lower Canada, 4, single
    , Richard, b. Lower Canada, 2, single
    , Ewen, b. Lower Canada, 1/12, single

The housing was described as 1 log, 1 1/2 stories, two families, being built

My direct ancestors are in bold print.

Here is an enumeration from 1871.


Anonymous said...

My ancestors include a John Cameron, b. 1823 to James and Jane (Mathews) Cameron of Coleraine, IE. Drouin records show his marriage in 1845 at Notre-Dame-du-Bonsecours to Sally Kesy (Casey) b. 1825 of Buckingham, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Whelan, sp??) Casey. Their child, James Henry, was found in the 1861 census living with Sally's brother Anthony in a log cabin in Ottawa along with his cousin, Catherine Cooligan.

Is there a connection with your line in any way? Buckingham was so small I am presuming SOME connection with identically surnamed individuals.

Thanks you,

J Fulton

PalmsRV said...

J. Fulton, I do not know of a connection, but agree that with Buckingham being so small, it would be surprising if a connection did not exist. I'm getting some help with my Cameron research through DNA (my brother's) -- have you gone that route? Cathy