Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sir Ewen Cameron of Fassiefern

From  The Celtic Monthly:

In the rising of 1745, the Camerons and Macdonalds were ever in front with Prince Charles. It is matter of common report that their houses and papers were then burned by express order of the Duke of Cumberland. In the case of Glengarry this is certain, but the evidence given by Sir Ewen Cameron, of Fassfern, at Fort-William, upon the 14th day of May, 1825, shows the astonishing fact that before the house of Achnacarry had been burnt by the Duke, the Lochiel papers then at Achnacarry, with some exceptions, were burnt by Donald Cameron, of Lochiel's own tenants.
From these depositions it would appear that Sir Ewen Cameron was born in 1740, and that his father, John Cameron, died in 1785. From other papers—that after Donald Cameron of Lochiel's death in France shortly after Culloden, the sole means of subsistence of the Lochiel family in Lochaber consisted of a Wadset of Glendessary, originally in the person of John Macphee, tenant there granted to him as far back as 1690, and acquired by friends for behoof of John Cameron, eldest son of the attainted Lochiel. Fort-William, 14th May, 1825.

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