Saturday, April 7, 2012

Land Deeded To Malcolm Cameron of Sarnia

Crossposted at In Deeds is a land transaction in Detroit by Malcolm Cameron of Sarnia, Canada.

From Early land transfers, Detroit and Wayne County, Michigan / Michigan Works Progress Administration, Vital Records Project:

Wayne Co., MI, Deeds
7 April 1858
Recorded: 16 November 1858
Cameron, Malcolm* of Sarnia, Canada West purchased from Lorenzo M. Mason and wife Charlotte, of Detroit
Lot 2 on south side of Jefferson Avenue and Lot 2 on north side of Woodbridge Street on Antoine Beaubien farm (subject to mortgage to Sallie W. Stevenson** of Fredericksburg Virginia)
Witnesses: C. M. Davison and A. H. Dey

*Biography on Page 630 in Early Canadiana Online.
**Possibly this Sallie W. Stephenson, age 28, living in Doctor B.S. Herndon's household in Fredericksburg, VA, in 1860

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