Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Cameron U.E.L. Ancestor?!!!

Answers from Cameron A-Team members in the know after the following research was shared:

Donald Cameron Capt’ in the Kings American Rangers and whose surviving family are now living at Montreal N. America lived in this parish of Morven for the space of twelve years.... .

[In response to my questioning if this Donald Cameron was my ancestor]:  Yes, this is Captain Donald Cameron/Elizabeth Brown.  We think Allan Cameron*/Ann McMillan is his older son by another mother but we have not been able to prove it.  *A known Cameron ancestor of mine

[Would I qualify for U.E.L. based upon this Donald Cameron's service? (paraphrasing)]:  Yes, you qualify for UEL..I think pretty clearly.

Wouldn't that be nice.

Thanks to both N. and K. who answered.

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PalmsRV said...

This theory may soon be discounted....