Saturday, August 11, 2012

John F. Cameron's Widow's Civil War Pension File (a paid site) has the following Civil War pension information for John F. Cameron's widow, Ann.  John died October 19, 1863, on a hospital boat on the Mississippi River near St. Louis, Missouri, of typhoid fever.  

Civil War "Widows' Pensions" 
Wisconsin Infantry Regiment 32 Company D Cameron, John F (WC14327):

The soldier, John F. Cameron, was born in Canada to David and Mary Cameron.  He and his first wife, Sophia, lived in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, circa 1856, according to an affidavit by B. H. Soper.  Sophia died in childbirth.  John Cameron married his second wife, Ann, Bennett, on 24 June 1861, in Oshkosh, Winnebago, Wisconsin.  John and Ann had John J. Cameron, born April 4, 1862, in Oshkosh.

Bible record included in the Civil War Widow's Pension file of John F. Cameron

The Bible records stated that Winfield Scott Cameron was born November 9, 1856, in Cleveland, Ohio; Anna Orilla Cameron was born near Lake Superior, Marquette, Michigan on May 2, 1859 and Albert Henry Cameron was born on March 24, 1861, near Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  

In the 1860 census, John Cameron was living in Oshkosh, Winnebago, Wisconsin, with Louise, age 25, born in Maine, Winfield, age 3, born in Ohio, and Aurelia, age 1, born in Michigan.  Marion Taylor, age 17, of England, was also living in the household.

Anna Orilla Cameron
BIRTH:  dd mm 1859
DEATH:  date - Johnson, Nebraska, USA
F: William Skinner Hogoboom
 M: Abeliza H McOmber
Page 53 of the Pension files mentioned that Anna was adopted and lived with William Hogoboom near Oshkosh and had removed to Rockford, Floyd County, Iowa.  Page 70 mentioned that she was adopted in Illinois.

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