Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Incident With Fassiefern's Foster-Brother Ewen McMillan

From the Celtic magazine:

Colonel John Cameron of Fassiefern, while serving in the Netherlands, was attended by his foster-brother, a young Highlander named Ewen Macmillan. One day this youth was at one of the British outposts, when he observed a Frenchman some distance off, and it immediately occurred to him to try and stalk the Frenchman, as he used to do the deer in his native forests of Loch-Arkaig. Accordingly, he crept silently towards the unsuspecting Frenchman, and was in the act of taking aim over a low dyke when his intended victim, having probably heard some slight sound, turned about, and seeing a head peering over the dyke, and the long barrel of a rifle pointed full at himself, he fired his musket, the shot carrying off Ewen's ear. Ewen, however, was revenged; for he brought down the Frenchman next moment, and then rushed forward and transfixed him with his bayonet. He then returned to his master, the Colonel, and, in his expressive native tongue, said, "The devil's son! Do you see what he did to me?" Fassiefern, though sorry for his mishap, said, "You well deserved it, Ewen, in going beyond your post." "He'll no' do it again, faith!" was Ewen's pithy reply.—Mackenzie's History of the Camerons


Joan said...

Ahh, and I do like a Scotsman's pithy reply.

PalmsRV said...

Me too!