Monday, December 31, 2012

John Cameron Of Toronto, Not Orilla

John Cameron, Orilla [Sic]
C, Bundle 7, Part II
Petition 99

Image 1199
On a letter from the late Superintendent General of Indian Affairs [Robert Bruce, brother of Lord Elgin], dated 31 December 1853, transmitting for the purpose of being cancelled, a Patent for Lot number twenty-five, on the South side of Brant street, and Lot number twenty-three, on the east side of Cowan street, a water lot, in the Town of Orilla, to John Cameron of the said Town of Orilla, instead of to John Cameron of the City of Toronto, Esquire.

The Committee recommended that the erroneous Patent be cancelled....

From the Library and Archives Canada's Upper Land Petitions (online) database.

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