Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nancy Whitney's Probate

Nancy Whitney was Harriet (Whitney) Cameron's mother.  Allan P. Cameron, her son-in-law, was named as executor, in the Nancy Whitney estate, Wayne County, Michigan, Probate File #2818.


Image 504InventoryInventoryImage 501 [Appraiser's Warrant], Image 500 [Petition Cover], Image 499Image 498Image 497 [Filed December 5, 1857], Image 496 [Certificate of Probate of Will],
Image 495Image 494 [Last Page of LW&T, Son, Benjamin F. Whitney, Daughter Harriet N. Cameron],
Image 493 [Witnesses], Image 492 [Nancy Whitney, age 67 at time of will; son, Joseph G. Whitney; daughter, Diadema Chittenden, wife of Roderick M. Chittenden; son, Newell Whitney; son, Job Whitney; children of late daughter, Mary Ann Ransom, to wit: Henry Ransom, George Ransom, John Lucas Ransom, William Ransom and Harriet Henderson, the sum of one dollar each], Image 491 [Proof of Probate Notice],
Image 490 [Newspaper notice], Image 489 [Executing Bond], Image 488 [Executor's Or Administrator's Bond], Image 486 [Handwritten Cover].

Nancy's maiden name may have been Brown; her husband, Job Whitney.

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