Friday, February 8, 2013

Thomas Browne's East Florida Rangers

Donald Cameron (who is thought to be an ancestor) married (2nd) Thomas Browne's daughter, Elizabeth.

British Florida, from the Department Of Military Affairs, included this:
As important to the future survival of British Florida as the arrival of the 60th Foot, was the arrival of Thomas Browne, formerly of Augusta, Georgia. Recognizing his merits, Governor Tonyn commissioned Browne...and authorized him to raise, equip, and lead a force of irregular militia (the East Florida Rangers). 

The East Florida Rangers ended their career on 24 June 1779. At that point a new corps was created on the Provincial establishment, called the King's (Carolina) Rangers, also called just the King's Rangers or King's Florida Rangers.

Brown's letter to Sir Guy Carleton regarding his military status.

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