Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ellen McCrea's 2nd Husband

From a January, 2012, post about Ellen (McCrea) Audley, Ellen McCrea Was Mrs. Beltz Before She Was Mrs. Audley:  I knew her as Ellen (McCrea) Audley.   (Ellen was the daughter of Isabelle CAMERON McCrea).  ...haven't identified the first name of Ellen's second husband, Mr. Audley. I'm hoping the 1940 census will reveal that information next year when it's released.
The 1940 census DID identify the name of Ellen's second husband:
United States Census, 1940
Name: Ellen M Audley
Ward 15, Waukesha City, Waukesha, Wisconsin
Head John B Audley M 77 Wisconsin
Wife Ellen M Audley F 57 Michigan
Servant Marie Kimpel F 63 France

In 1940 Ellen's 2nd husband, John B. Audley, was 77 years old with no occupation.  Ellen, age 57, was a physical therapist in the V.A. Hospital.

According to FindAGrave, John B. Audley died in 1941:

John B Audley
Birth: Jan. 4, 1863
Death: Dec. 3, 1941

Burial: Prairie Home Cemetery
Waukesha, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, USA
Plot: Sec 3, Blk 1, Lot 186, Sp 5

 John B. Audley's 1st wife, Julia (1869-1924), is buried next to him.

Apparently the probate situation of John B. Audley's estate did not go smoothly.

AUDLEY, Appellant,
AUDLEY and another, Executors, Respondents.
Supreme Court of Wisconsin.
February 6, 1950.
March 7, 1950.

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