Monday, July 15, 2013

First Families Of New Brunswick

One of the first families found in the NBGS report:

CAMERON: Archibald Cameron born 1769 in Argyleshire, Scotland, d. 15 Mar
1861, m. Mary Cameron b. 1769 at Ardnamurchan, Argyleshire, died 27 Oct 1854:
came to NB in Aug 1804 with their four eldest children and settled at Black River,
Glenelg Parish, Northumberland County:

Source: MC80/2689 Miramichi Branch of the NBGS, Some first families of the
Miramichi, 2 pages: Archibald Cameron’s brother, Charles Cameron and cousin,
Archibald Cameron also came to NB and settled in Northumberland County: widow
Elizabeth (Alton) Cameron m. (2nd) 27 Jun 1853 Philip Gain.

See the report for an account of Archibald and Mary Cameron's children.

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