Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lost Places Of Sunart

The lost place names of Sunart found at STRONTIAN TOWNSHIPS.pdf; some Camerons named.


Tenants: Ewin Mor Cameron, 1687, (8); Donald McAllan VcDhoil alias Cameron, Tacksman, with Angus McKuarig, Archibald McInnish VcIllespic, John Duffie (workman), John McEwn (bowman), Allan Cameron (bowman) and Dugald Mcpherson (workman) in 1715: Hugh Cameron, 1748 (5).

 Population: 1723: 8 families with 13 men, 15 women and only 3 children, total
31(6). 2010, one house, one man.

This is just one example -- see the file for more Camerons and great pictures.

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