Sunday, March 9, 2014

Camerons And Fenwicks And Giles

Per a message at GenForum:

[Was]....Alexander Cameron's son, Alexander, Jr., was married to a daughter of Edward Fenwick... . Edward Fenwick's sister [Sarah] was married to Col. John Stuart, Superintendent of Indian Affairs...and immediate superior to Alexander Cameron.

An escape involving Mrs. Stuart and Mr. Fenwick:


Additional information from the GenForum message:

[There] was a Charleston marriage record of the widow, Matilda Cameron to a man named [Robert] Giles. The other was the will of Edward Fenwick's widow leaving only a shilling against any claims to her estate to her daughter, Matilda Giles.

In the Charleston County, SC, Estates, there's a Matilda Giles, Estate #1862.

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