Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gray/Cameron Marriage

An article from the San Francisco Call 26 August 1891:

The Granddaughter of Sir Charles Tupper Elopes

Quite a romance attaches to the marriage of Christian Hamilton Gray of Abbeywood. Kent, England, and Miss Sophie Tupper Cameron, daughter of Major-General Cameron [and Emma Tupper Cameron], commandant of Royal Military College, and granddaughter of Sir Charles Tupper, which occurred on Friday last in St. Paul's Church, says a Kingston special to the New York Herald. A lawyer, clergyman and two cabmen were the only witnesses. Miss Cameron some time ago met Mr. Gray in England, where he was a civil engineer. He was young and wealthy, but the Major-General objected to his becoming the husband of his daughter, and Miss Cameron was forthwith brought home to Canada. But the ocean that divided the continents could not separate their love.  Mr. Gray soon took ship for Canada and began arrangements for the marriage. Last Friday Miss Cameron quietly left her home and came downtown, where a cabman met her. A block away Mr. Gray was picked up and the two drove to the church where, Rev. W. Johnson united them in marriage. Mr. Gray settled a large annuity upon his bride. Mr. and Mrs. Gray are at the Hotel ___. Major-General Cameron has been notified of their marriage, but whether the stern parent has relented or not cannot be learned. Mr. Gray is about 30 years of age, refined and educated. He refuses to state his arrangements for the future. His father is interested in electric lights in Kent.

Sophia's sister was Nancie Tupper Cameron.


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