Saturday, March 21, 2015

When I Was A Prisoner At Fort William

From the Highland Papers, Volume III, edited by J. R. N. MacPhail, K.C [notes taken at the Odom Library]:

"When I was prisoner at Fort William in 1746 I heard Captain Scott frequently say that he wanted to apprehend Glenavash (1)....".

(1) Alexander Cameron of Glenevis.  He married Mary, daughter of Archibald Cameron of Dungallon, whose daughter Jean, was the wife of Dr. Archibald Cameron.... .

The relationship between the Camerons of Lochiel and the Camerons or MacSorlies of Glenevis were never cordial.  In fact, there was a tradition that the latter were not Camerons at all, but a Sept of Clan Donald.

Glenevis had three brothers -- Alan, killed at Culloden; Angus, mentioned in the memorial; and Samuel, the spy, who betrayed Dr. Archibald Cameron.... .

The Highland Papers III are also online here.

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