Sunday, November 15, 2015

Duncan Cameron has [W.O. 28, X, P. 1, page 158*] on microfilm #C-10861, Image #1643 (excerpted below):

"Return of Royalists Not Incorporated In Any Corps"

Families Names/Men, Women, Children, Total/Lodged/When Arrived/Came From

Duncan Cameron/2,1, 0, 3/Montreal/20th Nov./Delawa_ _ River

*From the Library and Archives of Canada:

W.O. 28 Volume Numbers
These War Office 28 records relate to the period of the American Revolution and contain correspondence, letters and muster rolls of the British army, Loyalist regiments and German regiments. The originals are held at the National Archives in England. 

The Library and Archives of Canada has digitized index cards pointing to where the W.O. 28 documents (digitized at HeritageCanadiana) can be found.

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