Saturday, December 12, 2015

Richard P. Cameron Death Record Online

Richard P. Cameron [John Richard Philip Cameron] was the son of Richard Cameron and Nancy Cameron.  He married the widowed Frances (Aberkon) Murray Castle.  They had two children, Charlotte and Evelyn.

Declaration of Intent - Naturalization Petition:
Cameron, Richard P. (John Richard Philip Cameron)
9 Oct 1920
Age 57
5'3" / 125 lbs
b. Ottawa, Canada
10 Jan 1863
emigrated from Windsor, Canada on ferry boat
married Frances, b. Germany on Aug 5, 1869
Arrived in Detroit ca 20 Nov 1878 or 20 Nov 1879 through Windsor / whole family came (parents, siblings)
Going to Bay City, Michigan
Mother's Maiden Name:  Nancy Cameron
Witnesses:  James Glassure & Jay Ames
Charlotte, b. 17 Apr 1912 in MI
Evelyn, b. 2 Sept 1915 in MI

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