Thursday, February 25, 2016

Camerons Or Cammans

Genealogy of the Fulton family, being descendants of John Fulton, born in Scotland 1713...,  (published in 1900):

Ella Cornelia Crary married H. H. [Herbert H.] Cameron
Their son Edward was married in Columbia County, New York.

This family was also recorded in the Smith Family Descended From John Smith book.

Manhattan, New York County, New York
Herman Camman Head M 55 New York
Edward C Camman Son M 26 New York
Ella C Camman Wife F 56 New York
Herbert S Camman Son M 16 New York
Lizzie Laughran Servant F 26 Ireland
Eliza Calhoun Servant F 26 Ireland
Alice Murphy Servant F 27 Scotland
John Dick Servant M 40 England

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