Friday, April 15, 2016

David, Son Of Donald

From The history of the county of Huntingdon [Quebec] and of the seigniories of Chateaugay and Beauharnois from their settlement to the year 1838:

 I leave David, son of Donald Cameron, (p. 234) to tell what they did :

"We had not the faintest suspicion that the French Canadians were contemplating a rising and neither had any of our neighbors. They worked for us and we went in and out among them as usual. We went to bed on the evening of Saturday, 3rd November, without dread and with a full feeling of security. In the morning we were awakened by the noise of a number of men rushing into our shanty. The door
was only latched, and they came in without difficulty. We were all in bed. Day was just breaking, it being about a quarter past six, and a dull morning, rain falling in a Scotch mist. The intruders were all armed in one way or other. Some had fowling-pieces, others pitchforks, and a number reaping-hooks (sickles) set at the end of poles, in the way they were then used for cutting peas. I knew them all, for
they were our neighbors. I comprehended at once their object, and realized they had risen in a second rebellion. I calculated in a flash how many I could handle, and thought I might dispose of five, and springing up I went at them."

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