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Hugh Cameron, Overcome By A Gas Well

Name Hugh Cameron
Event Type Probate
Event Date 1911
Judicial District Moosomin

Hugh Cameron, late of Fleming [Sask.]
Formerly of Buchanan [Sask.]
Died: 10 April 1911
Died Unmarried And Intestate

Siblings (whose names and addresses have been ascertained):

Alexander Cameron, 67 Errol Street, Glasgow, Scotland
George Cameron, Coldhome, Blackhills, by Longmorn, Morayshire, Scotland
John Cameron, Burnside, Largue Forgue, by Huntley, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

The names of the other siblings were found on the Auditor's Report:

Charles Cameron, 689 Rathgar Ave., Fort Rouge, Winnipeg
William Cameron, Birches Bay, Hobart, Tasmania
Mrs. Annie Gillies, Coral Peel, Lossiemouth, Scotland
Mrs. Elizabeth Morris, West Fenton, Drino, East Lothian
   Representative of: 
Mrs. Jessie McLeod, Milton of Moyness, Auldearn, Scotland
   Representative of: 
Mrs. Mary Ann McIntosh, 19 A. East Back Street, Bishopmill, Elgin
   Representative of: 
Mrs. Maggie (Margaret) Kinnaird, Strathspey, Scotland

The Auditor's Report stated that Hugh Cameron was overcome by gas in a well on the farm of Wm. Patterson, a mile south of Moosomin, while attempting to recover the body of J. Sparks, a well-digger, who had been similarly overcome.

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