Monday, April 4, 2016

John E. Cameron's Probate

I believe John was the son of Ewen and Catherine (Cameron) Cameron of Drummond, Lanark, Ontario, Canada.  If so, he's probably the grandson of John and Janet (McLachlan) Cameron and also Ewen and Margaret (McTavish) Cameron.

John E Cameron
Saskatchewan Probate Estate Files
Name John E Cameron
Event Type Probate
Event Date 1927
Judicial District Saskatoon

John E. Cameron, late of the town of Arnprior, Renfew, Ontario, Canada
Died: 24 February 1920
Petition Of George Finlay McNab
W. A. Cameron, Executor (brother)
Helen Cameron (daughter)
Annie Emily Cameron (sister)
Children of Annie Emily Cameron: Duncan Cameron, Lillian Johnston, Daisy Cameron
Jennie Bell (sister)
Children of Jennie Bell: William C. Bell, Dr. Harvey Bell
Hughena Castiglione (sister)
Annie Cameron (widow of my brother, Dan Cameron)
Heir: Maggie Ennis
Heir: Lizzie Kerr, wife of Lorne Kerr
Daughter of W. A. Cameron: Helen C. R. Cameron
Heir: Mary Goodfellow (niece)
Heir: Cameron Graham, child of my late niece Margaret Cameron
Heir: Margaret Graham, child of my late niece Margaret Cameron

Document stating monetary interest in the estate of Catherine Cameron

Names and Addresses Of Heirs (W. A. Cameron, brother, deceased)

Renfrew (south/sud), Ontario, Canada
Annie B. Cameron Head F 40 Ontario
Hughena Cameron Sister F 38 Ontario
Margaret Cameron Daughter F 14 Mb
Daisy Cameron Daughter F 12 Mb
Lillian Cameron Daughter F 8 Mb
Duncan Cameron Son M 6 Mb

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