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Land Entries For Allan Cameron

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"Cameron" index cards for Upper Canada Land Books found on microfilm C-10813:

Cameron, Allan
Land Book D
Page 78 [Allen Page 79 same one?]
Index Image For Allan(s) 3520
[Lot No. 7 4th Concession, Twp. of Cornwall]

Cameron, Allan
Land Book E
Page 238 [Film C-102]
Allan Cameron of Cornwall, son of John Cameron, U.E.
Page 269 [Film C-102]
Received petition (from Page 238)

Cameron, Allan
Land Book G
Page 24 [Film C-102]
Camerons, McMillans, and their original residences

Cameron, Allan
Land Book P
Page 133 [Film C-105]
Feb. 1832
...of the Twp. of Burford, yeoman...son of Alexander Cameron of the Twp. of Nissouri...formerly of the Twp. of Cornwall, a U.E. Loyalist [Note: This entry is directly below that of Sophia Withers, wife of William Withers, and daughter of Alexander Cameron....]

Cameron, Allan
Land Book Q
Page 431 [Film C-105]
June 1834
Son of Archibald Cameron, U. E. Loyalist, of Charlottenburgh
Elizabeth Cameron, daughter of Archibald Cameron, U. E. Loyalist

Cameron, Allan
Land Book P
Page 53 [Film C-105]
Allan (or Allen) Cameron, of the Twp. of Cornwall, son of Allan Cameron, Senior, of the same place, U. E. Loyalist

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