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Edward A. Cameron, Orphan In Quebec

Quebec, Quebec Judicial... Guardianships...Files 1806-1807...:

20 September 1806
Andrew Cameron
[Image 333]
File #9627
Guardianship to the minor child of Andrew Cameron
Petition of Jane Stuart, widow of Andrew Cameron, late of said city of Quebec...
That Edward Andrew Cameron, a minor, of the age of eleven, is the only child, issue, of the said marriage of said Andrew Cameron, deceased
15 September 1806

[Possible guardians]...Murdock Stuart, grandfather; David Ross, uncle; James Ross; John Maunder; George Pozer; William Hunter; James Ward, friends

Chose the mother, Jane Stuart widow Cameron, to be guardian and John Munro to be subguardian...

...John Munro and John Painter, uncles, James Ross, John Wilson, John Maunder?, James Ward and Wm. Hunter, friends...choose John Wilson as guardian and John Munro as subguardian on 13 September 1806

...Quebec Judicial... Guardianships...Files 1812-1813...:

After the mother died in 1813:

13 May 1813
Andrew Cameron, deceased father (Quebec merchant)
Jane Cameron [Image 897] deceased mother
File #10993

...petition (of John Munro) for guardian for Edward A. Cameron, a minor, aged sixteen years, issue of the marriage between the late Andrew Cameron, and Jane Cameron, both deceased, the following persons...
John Painter, uncle
John Blackwood, John Ross, George Ross, Francis Hunter, William Hunter and Daniel Grant, friends
nominate John Munro as guardian and John Neilson, subguardian

Jane Cameron died the 2nd day of this present month (May 1813)

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