Tuesday, October 4, 2016

County of Lambton Gazetteer

County of Lambton gazetteer, : and general business directory, for 1864-5

Cameron, Robert
Township of Sarnia
Concession 9
Lot 1
Page 15

Source - Page 20
Township of Moore

Page 27 - Warwick Township

Township of Sombra 
Indian Reserves
Cameron, Duncan, vil. Wilkesport
Cameron, James, Conc. 14, Lot 13

John Cameron in the Township of Enniskillen  Conc. 2, Lot 32

Page 68
Plympton Township

Town of Sarnia

Cameron, John, painter, Christina St.
Cameron, Donald, grocer, Francis St.
Cameron, Alex, oil refiner, res. London Road

Oil Springs

Cameron, R. W., oil land prop.

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