Friday, October 21, 2016

Murder And Arson In Canada

From the Old News website:

Murder And Arson
Ann Arbor Argus, November 15, 1895

Probable arson at William Cameron's resident in Thamesville.

The only two William Camerons I found in 1891 in Kent County were the head of household and his son listed below:

Kent County
Harwich Twp.
Cameron, William, age 51, b. Scotland
", Sarah J. 21, daughter, Ontario
", Maggie, 17, "  "
", Donald C., 11, son
", William, 8, son [This one in 1901?]
", Saloma B., daughter, age 5/12, b. Ontario

This site indicated that William (Senior) died 23 January 1896.

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