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Alexander Cameron's Will

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Alexander Cameron's Will

Savannah, Georgia, Visitor's Center
Alexander Cameron's Will Was Written In Savannah

"...Alexander Cameron of the province of Georgia, Esquire, do make my last will and Testament....".

Son, George Cameron
*Susannah Cameron, oldest daughter
Joaney/Jeany/Jane Cameron, youngest daughter
Molly Grafton/Stratton?, for faithful service
Slaves James and Delia
Cousin Donald Cameron, one half of my plantation in South Carolina called Lochaber
Nephew Alexander Cameron, the other half  "    "
Bequeath to nephew Alexander Cameron, Man named Will
Bequeath to Margery Cameron, living in sister
"  unto Duncan Cameron plantation...upon Saludy River in South Carolina...first granted to Charles ?...
Bequeath to Charles Taylor... West Florida...
....establishing a fund for Molly Stratton...widow....

Appoint William Oglivy, Charles Shaw, Duncan Cameron and Donald Cameron to be executors...

Excerpt From Alexander Cameron's Will
Heirs' Names Included

Will written in Savannah, Georgia
24th Dec 1781

Witnesses: John McGillivray, John McIntosh, Ferg. Bethune [Farquhar Bethune]

March 1872 witnesses swore that they were present and Donald Cameron was qualified to be executor and oath taken [James Wright]

*Susannah Cameron m. Dr. Guerineau

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