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Alias Lena Cameron

Card in another post on Cameron Collections

Lena Cameron
Christy Furling
Alias Nora McDonald
File# 23512

Excerpts from File #23512:

John S. Furling, an alleged insane person [Image 226]
To be admitted to St. Joseph retreat, Dearborn
Application of Christy Furling
John Furling, son of John Furling
1900 Letter From Ionia
Christy Furling also called Nora McDonald in Mount Clemens working as a cook
Lena Cameron is also an alias for Christy Furling
Joseph Furling, brother, St. Louis, MO
Mary Furling, sister, St. Louis, MO
Fannie Furling, sister, Mechanicsville, NY

Name John S Furling
Wayne County House and Insane Asylum, Wayne, Michigan, United States
Gender Male
Age 32
Marital Status Married
Race White
Race (Original) W
Birth Date 1868
Birthplace United States

Name John S. Furling [born Louisiana]
Spouse's Name Christy Cameron [born Canada]
Event Place Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
Father's Name Michael Furling
Mother's Name Maria L. Herman
Spouse's Father's Name D.[Donald] Cameron
Spouse's Mother's Name Marin Campbell
[Witnesses: Addie Anderson; Robt. C. Barnes]

14 August 1925 death of Christy Furling
Possible daughter of Christy's

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