Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Archibald D. Cameron's Probate

Archibald D Cameron
Name Archibald D Cameron
Event Type Probate
Event Date 1911
Judicial District Moosomin
File Number 0042

Petition of Mary Cameron (widow)
St. Thomas, North Dakota

Archibald D. Cameron, late of Graytown [Sask.]
Died: 7 February 1910
Place of Death: St. Thomas, North Dakota
Left Widow and 10 Children (Heirs)

Midland, Pembina, North Dakota, United States
Elina M Cameron Head F 42 Canada
Donald Cameron Son M 19 North Dakota
William Cameron Son M 18 North Dakota
George Cameron Son M 17 North Dakota
Margaret Cameron Daughter F 15 North Dakota
Ester Jean Cameron Daughter F 14 North Dakota
Jessie M Cameron Daughter F 12 North Dakota
Mabel M Cameron Daughter F 11 North Dakota
Archiebald Cameron Son M 10 North Dakota
James Cameron Son M 9 North Dakota
Mary Agnes Cameron Daughter F 2 North Dakota
Margaret Halliday Mother F 69 Canada

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