Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Arthur A. Cameron, Houston Oil Man


Cameron, Arthur A.
Houston, Texas Oil Man
Married June Knight [Margaret Rose Valliket] Aug. 27 in Beverly Hills, Calif.
...Fund Issue as he, wife seek divorces
Tells wife's reaction to talks with Betty Grable
Divorced by wife, June Knight

An item from Cameron versus Cameron:

"This action was filed on October 24, 1942. By amended pleadings appellee joined as parties defendant, G. E. Cameron and his wife, Stella Cameron (now deceased), the father and mother of Arthur A. Cameron...".

Arthur A. Cameron's memorial at FindAGrave.

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Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas
G E  [Granville Evan] Cameron Head M 58 Arkansas
Stella Cameron Wife F 56 Arkansas
Arthur Cameron Son M 29 Texas
George Cameron Son M 20 Texas
Mattie Gibson Mother-in-law F 86 Texas

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