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Charles Stuart Cameron And Helen Mildred MacDougall

The WestEndVancouver blog featured a biography of (Charles) Stuart Cameron (1873-1935), son of John Archibald Cameron and Alexandrina Cameron, who was born in Thurso, Quebec, Canada.  Also included was the following:

"On October 18, 1902, in Ottawa, Ontario, Stuart married Helen Mildred Macdougall. Her father was Alfred C. MacDougall; her mother was Julia Travis. Helen’s grandfather was *William Macdougall, one of the Fathers of Confederation."

Name Chas Stuart Cameron
Event Type Marriage
Event Date 18 Oct 1902
Event Place Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario, Canada
Birth Year (Estimated) 1873
Father's Name John A Cameron
Mother's Name Alexandra Cameron
Spouse's Name Helen M Macdougall
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1881
Spouse's Father's Name Alfred Macdougall
Spouse's Mother's Name Julia Travis

1891 Canadian Census
Wellington Ward, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1891 Canadian Census (Wellington, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
McDougall, Alfred C., male, age 37, b. Ont. agent
"           "    , Julia A., female, 37, W [wife] b. N.B.
"           "    , Barton R., male, 12, , S [son] b. Ont.
"           "    , Ellen M., female, 10, D [daughter] b. Ont
Douglass    , Robert, male, 44, b. N.S.
Beatty,        , John C., male, 37, b. Ont.
Next Door:
McDougall, William, male, 69, b. Ont
"           "    , Mary A., female, 44, wife, b. Ont. [nee Beatty]
"           "    , John G., 15, male, son, b. Ont.
"           "    , Geoff W., 13, male, son, b. Ont
McNight    , Sara, domestic, 20, b. Ireland

Helen Mildred Cameron
Event Type Death
Event Date 02 Apr 1937
West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Marital Status Widowed
Birth Date 31 Mar 1882
Birthplace Ottawa, Ontario
Father's Name Alfred Macdougall
Mother's Name Julia Travis
[Alan Broderick Cameron; informant]

*William MacDougall was the father-in-law of my 1st cousin 4x removed, Jane (Howard) MacDougall.  William's 2nd wife, Mary A. (Beatty) MacDougall, was the granddaughter of John and Sarah (Sproule) Beatty.  Jane (Howard) MacDougall was the daughter of Mary Jane Beatty and was also the granddaughter of John and Sarah (Sproule) Beatty.  Jane was married to Joseph Easton MacDougall, brother of Alfred C. MacDougall.  Helen Mildred (MacDougall) Cameron was Joseph and Jane's niece.  

The Howards were related to my grandfather, Ralph Newman Powers and the Camerons were related to me through my grandmother, Beatrice (Cameron) Powers.

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