Sunday, March 12, 2017

The 17 March 1806 Document And More

First part extracted from Heritage-Canadiana [in RG1 L1] and the rest compiled from the Library and Archives Canada [RG1 L3] and sent via e-mail.

*17 March 1806 Cameron and McMillan Document included:

Allan Cameron, late of Canelochial, yeoman

John MacMillan, late of Badintoig, labourer

Ann MacMillan, late of Locharkaig, widow

Paul Cameron, late of Glenliah, farmer

Allan Cameron, late of Scamadale farmer

John Cameron, late of  Clunes, shepherd

Alexander MacMillan, late of Locharkaig, farmer

John Ban MacMillan, late of Glenpean, farmer

*Document Record
Title Upper Canada Land Books - C-102
Identifier lac_reel_c102
RG 1 L1
Document source Library and Archives Canada / Bibliothèque et Archives Canada
Notes Upper Canada Land Books
Vol. 23-27
Permanent Link

Record in RG 1 L3, Volume 96
Upper Canada Land Petitions
"C"  Bundle 8
Library and Archives Canada
[ Some dated 17 March 1806]

Allan Cameron
 Image 237; Image 238 [**Image 238 reflected information in Upper Canada Land Books C-102]

The Widow Ann MacMillan

John McMillan

Paul Cameron

John Cameron

Allan Cameron

**Also see Image 239

In addition, see Image 240, Image 241 (John Ban McMillan), Image 242, Image 243 

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