Wednesday, April 12, 2017

John And Mary Of Glen Nevis

Except from Oldest Loyalists... (John and Mary Cameron)

John Cameron, died at 99 (ON)
A now-neglected tombstone proclaims the long lives of United Empire Loyalist John Cameron and his wife Mary (nee Cameron).
John Cameron (1725 - 1824), Clunes UEL
died May 10, 1824 – aged 99 years
Mary Cameron
died Nov 3, 1830 – aged 91 years
She was of Glen Nevis

John and Mary Cameron had left their home near Fort William, Scotland for New York State aboard the "Pearl" on 18th October 1773... .

At the onset of the revolution he and his oldest son, Alexander, joined the King's Royal Regiment of New York... .

...he was awarded with the West Half of Lot 6 in the 4th Concession of Cornwall Township, as is seen on the *1786 McNiff map. It is on a corner of this Lot that his tombstone still stands.

— Submitted by Catherine Whiteley

6,      Alex. Cameron, John Cameron

Another map of Cornwall here.

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