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Allan Cameron, Defendant


Fieri Facias
From the Superior Court--Montreal
Ottawa--to wit:
No. 1369

DUNCAN MCMILLAN, of the Township of Grenville, in the District of Montreal, Esquire, plaintiff; against the lands and tenements of ALLAN CAMERON, of Buckingham, in the District of Ottawa, yeoman, in a certain suit where Donald Cameron, of the Township of Lochabar, in the said District, yeoman, in his capacity of tutor in due form of law appointed to John Cameron and Allan Cameron, minor children, issue of the marriage of the late Ewen Cameron, in his lifetime of the Township of Templeton, and the late Jane Cameron, his wife, was defendant, and the said Allan Cameron, defendant par reprise d'instance;
A lot of land situate in the Township of Templeton, containing about two hundred and seventy-three acres, more or less, known as lot number eleven, in the first range of said Township of Templeton; bounded on one side by lot number twelve the property of George Gill, on the other side by lot number ten the property of Grimes Green, in the rear by lot number eleven in the second range, the property of John Cosgrove, and in front by the Ottawa River--with a dwelling house, and a barn thereon erected.
To be sold at my Office, at the Court House, at Aylmer, on the TENTH day of MARCH next, at TEN o'clock in the forenoon. The said Writ returnable the Fifteenth day of March next.

Sheriff's Office, 2d November, 1852,

{First published 6th November, 1852.} 3-4m

See a map of the Township of Templeton here.

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