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Train Wreck With Cameron Casualty

San Francisco Call, 1902

Operator Makes Fatal Error in - Sending Orders.
Express Dashes Into Freight While Blinding Storm Is Raging.

LONDON. Ont., Dec 27.— A frightful collision occurred a short distance from tho little station of Wanstead...Grand Trunk Railway; last night. 

Following is a list of the dead: ALEXANDER STEWART, Petrolia, Ontario. MRS. ALEXANDER STEWART," Petrolia", Ontario. A. RICKETTS, Sarnia Tunnel, fireman Nc. 5. . • J. GILLIES, Sarnia Tunnel, engineer freight. , MRS. J. TROTTER, Petrolia, • Ontario. H. B. LAWRENCE, Watford, Ontario. F. S. FREEMAN, Oil Springs, or HenFail, Ontario. NICHOLAS JEFFREY, London. GUY DE RENIER, ticketed for La Crosse, Wis. DR. PENNWARDEN, ticketed for Petrolia, Ontario. WOMAN, supposed to be wife of Dr. Pennwardern , J. H. BROCK, Brucefield, Ontario. O. B. BURWELL, Port Huron, Mich. CLEM BODLEY, Port Huron, Mich. WILSON MORTON, Chicago. ALEXANDER CAMERON, Strathroy, Ontario, MISS GEDDES, Sarnia, Ontario. ED DE BEAUS, Prescott, Ontario. MRS. BODLEY, Port Huron, Mich. LOTTIE LYNCH, Port Huron, Mich. GEORGE BURKHOLDER, Sarnla, Ontario. A. DOUGLASS, Alvinston," Ontario. WILLIAM JOHN LUCAS, Strathroy. ROBERT STEVENSON, Wyoming. UNIDENTIFIED MAN, about 40 years of age, well dressed. VIOLET BROCK, aged 11 years, Chicago, formerly of Brucefield, Ontario. UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN, about 85 years of age. MRS. JULIA BARNES, Woodstock, Ontario.

Following is a list of passengers injured in the wreck, most of those named not being seriously : hurt: Alexander M. Steward, Wingham, Ontario; Mrs. J. J. Culberson, Port Huron; Mich.: James Ramplin, Toronto; Mrs. Samuel Cummings. Port Huron, Mich.; Hattie Norbey, Peterboro, Ontario; James B. Norbey, Peterboro, Ontario; Mrs. Coote, Chicago; Frank E. Baker, London, Ontario, dislocated shoulder; William M. Morse, wife and child, Sarnla; Thomas Coote, London, business address Chicago; George Stacey, Wanstad, Ontario; Dr. Basil Harvey, Chicago; Mrs. J. M. Stewart and children, Oshkosh, Wis.~ (Mrs. Stewart fractured jaw, Earl broken arm and collarbone, Hobart fractured hip); Russell Quinn, Chicago, burns, considered serious; James Barnes, Woodstock, Ontario; Beatrice Gedder, Sarnla; J. J. Culberson, Port Huron, Mich, fractured jaw; John Bird, Chicago, fractured arm; J. A. Lamont, .Wyoming, Ontario, fractured leg; Mrs. W. Gott and daughter, London; J. S. Lawler, Strathroy; W. H. Cole and wife, Flint, Mich.; R. K. McDonald, Strathroy; Mrs. P. M. Byrnes, Sarnia; Annie Sinclair, Kokomo, Ontario; Miss Flossie Culberson, Port Huron, Mich.; Mrs. Pugsley, London; R. Jackson, Petrolia, Ont.

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Name Alexander Cameron
Event Type Burial
Event Date 1902
Event Place Strathroy, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada
Photograph Included N
Death Date 26 Dec 1902
Affiliate Record Identifier 167284466
Cemetery Strathroy Municipal Cemetery
[aged 45 yrs. 8 ms. 20 ds.]

Calculated DOB for Alexander Cameron of Strathroy, Ontario, Canada
6 April 1857
Son of James Cameron and Isabella McLean

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