Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Christina (McGregor) Cameron Of Sarnia

The Sarnia Journal featured an article about Christina Cameron, wife of Malcolm Cameron.

"Christina Cameron, wife of Malcolm, one of Sarnia’s founders, might have faded into history if her husband hadn’t named one of Port Sarnia’s earliest streets after her.

Christina Street was then a “rough country road” that ran north through Cameron’s property. Though the street changed, the name has endured for 180 years.

Born in Scotland in 1808, she was the daughter of Glaswegian Robert McGregor, Esq. who owned a successful cotton-spinning company.

A family record reveals Malcolm Cameron visited Glasgow around 1830 and entered into a life-long partnership with Christina, who was his cousin. They married when Malcolm returned on a business trip in 1833.

In 1836, one year before the young family moved from Lanark County to Port Sarnia, Christina gave birth to their only child, a daughter, Christina Colina."

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