Thursday, February 11, 2010

Camerons & Winders

Found in the "Chronicling of America" set of newspapers:

From the Los Angeles Herald:
15 January 1905
Dr. J. C. Cameron and family of Michigan are guests for the winter at the home of Jerome Winder, 366 South Boyle avenue. Mrs. Cameron is a sister to Mrs. Winder.
From what I can piece together, Dr. J. C. Cameron is Doctor John A. Cameron, who married Marie Rogers in Detroit, Michigan. The Cameron family lived in Pickford Twp., Chippewa County, Michigan. Mrs. Winder is Ray(e) Elizabeth (Rogers) Winder who married Jerome Winder and moved to southern California after giving birth to their son, Jerome, in Utah.

This biography of Jerome Winder stated:

"In 1894 Mr. Winder was united in marriage to Miss Rogers and they are
the parents of two sons, Jack and Jerome, former students in the Pacific
Military School, who are now touring Europe with their mother. The fam-
ily is well known in social circles of San Diego... ."

In the 1900 census Jerome & Ray Winder were in Detroit, Wayne Co., Michigan, with their daughter Dorothy. Jerome E. Winder (Jr.), was born Utah and his mother, Ray Elizabeth Winder, was born in England according to the 1930 CA census. In the California Death Index, Jerome E. Winder (Jr)'s mother's maiden name was listed as "Rogers" and his birth place was Utah. There was a court case regarding Ray Elizabeth Winder's estate that can be found here.

Jerome Winder (Sr.) was the son of Julien Elisha & Janet (Jerome) Winder who were living in Saginaw in 1870 where Elisha was a lumber manufacturer. They were living in Detroit in 1900. Julien E. Winder's 1913 death in Los Angeles and burial in Detroit was noted in the [University of] Michigan alumnus. Julien's mother (Jerome Winder's grandmother) was Martha (Strong) Winder (wife of John Winder*), a descendant of Elder John Strong and also a descendant of Rev. Thomas Hooker. *See bio of John Winder here and a lengthy reminiscence here.

A recent blog about Frances Cheney Strong revealed that she was also a descendant of Elder John Strong & Rev. Thomas Hooker.

Dr. John A. Cameron, who was born in Sept of 1866 in Canada; his wife, Mary [Agnes] who was born Feb. 1871 in England and their children Margaret & Gordon, were living in Pickford Twp., Chippewa Co., Michigan, in 1900. They are still living in Chippewa County in 1910 and in 1920. See an obituary for Margaret & Gordon here.

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