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The Saga of Dolores (Cameron) Owens Venable Who Jilted Mr. Clifton At The Altar

Found in the New York Tribune from the "Chronicling of America" set of newspapers:

The New York Tribune:
22 June 1910
[Text Version of Newspaper Article]

Girl Changed Her Mind After
Coming Here.
[By Telegraph to The Tribune.]
Cincinnati, June 21. — Miss Dolores
Cameron, twenty years old, daughter
of the late Walter Cameron, a Cincin-
nati attorney, is now Mrs. Mareium
Owens, wife of a New York college man,
whose father is reputed to be a million-
aire. They were married in New York
on June 14. The news did not reach here,
however, until today, which was the
day on which she was to have been
married to Assistant Surgeon Alfred Lee
, United States navy, attached to
the battleship Michigan.
When Miss Cameron reached New
York she changed her mind, and Owens,
who was to have been a guest at the
Clifton ceremony, took Clifton's place
as bridegroom.
When Miss Cameron was sixteen years
old Owens proposed to her, but because
she was so young she did not accept
him, according to her mother, who is
Mrs. Ward Baldwin, wife of a prominent
civil engineer of this city. They did not
meet again until Miss Cameron went to
New York to marry Clifton, who was
formerly examining surgeon at the
naval recruiting station in Cincinnati.
Several months ago he was assigned to
active duty in the Atlantic fleet. He was
about to start on a two years' cruise,
and he wrote to his fiancee suggesting
that they marry before he started on his
long voyage. Accompanied by her
mother, Miss Cameron went to New
York. The marriage was to have taken
place at the Hotel Astor.
What caused Miss Cameron to change
her mind so suddenly is not known.
"She found out things that she did not
know before," her mother says. The
wedding took place on the approximate
day and at the approximate hour which
were to have seen the marriage of Clifton
and Miss Cameron.
Owens's parents are in Europe, and
do not yet know of their son's marriage.
Owens and his bride are on a wedding
trip. Clifton is on the high seas.
Miss Cameron's father was killed in
the Thoma Hotel fire, in this city, several
weeks ago.

Dolores, her parents, Walter & Eva, and her brother J[oseph] Gay Cameron, were in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio, in 1900.

Walter Cameron, age 4, was in Cincinnati with parents Joseph, a dentist, and Mary in 1860. The Joseph Cameron family listed here in 1870.

Eva (Simkinson) Cameron Baldwin died 8 October 1912, in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was born 19 December 1866 and was the daughter of Henry Simkinson, who was born in England, and Martha Kelley, who was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ward Baldwin, Eva's 2nd husband, died 15 Nov 1920.

Dolores Cameron died as Dolores Venable, wife of Emerson Venable, on 13 March 1930, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her daughter, Evelyn Venable, was an actress whose bio is found here and obituary here. The widower, Emerson Venable, and daughter Evelyn were in Cincinnati for the 1930 census.

Dr. Alfred Lee Clifton married Gladys Burgess, a Smith College graduate, on 22 June 1912. The Clifton's and their two daughters, Margaret & Mary, were living at the U.S. Navy Yard in York Co., Maine, in 1930.

I couldn't find any additional information on Mareium Owens, with whom Dolores Cameron eloped.

I was inspired to search the newspapers by the genealogical find in the "Chronicling of America" site detailed here in the Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog by Brenda Joyce Jerome.

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