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Camerons Abstracted By the Alcona Co., MI, Genealogical Society

Cameron information can be found in the Alcona Genealogical Society (register for free).  Extracted examples below:

Search Result from Alcona County Articles Table:

 Mo : 6
Dy : 22
Yr : 1899
Newspaper Date : 6/22/1899 12:00:00 AM
Volume : 23
Number : 11
Page : 3
Column : 3
Newspaper : Review
Description : Marriage of Andrew Sims to Mrs. Poole Mills, born Mary B. Allen (also married to a Cameron), on 6/15/1899 in Gustin.

Transcription :
Married at Gustin, on June 15, by Rev. Geo. Nixon, Mr. Andrew Sims to Mrs. Poole Mills, both of Mikado. The ceremony was performed at the residence of Stephen Price.

Search Result from Alcona County Articles Table:

 Mo : 3
Dy : 19
Yr : 1886
Newspaper Date : 3/19/1886 12:00:00 AM
Volume : 9
Number : 50
Page : 1
Column : 4
Newspaper : Review
Description : Death of Mrs. Henry A. Cameron of consumption.

Transcription :
A Whole Family Sacrificed. East Tawas, Mich., March 14.--Mrs. Cameron, wife of the late Henry A. Cameron, a pioneer, died at 3 o'clock this morning of consumption. Her son Willie died about a year ago; afterwards his father, and now his mother. A daughter, Lily, is very low. All were victims of consumption.

Camerons found in the Alcona County, Michigan, Probate Index can be found here.  

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